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Kang gary

is a Korean rap artist. He is a host on running man. He is part of a band called Leessang. Some of his music is Zotto Mola, Lonely Night, and Get Some Air. Videos behind the pictures.


is another Korean singer and rapper. He is part of Leessang. He just recently put out his own music. His only song right now is Let The Wind Blow. video behind the pics of his.
Leessang company is the company that they own and put out their music from. So Gil and Gary have said that under Leessang Company they will be training new artists with their own labels. It will start up in the next few years. I hope some good artists will come out of their company. Fighting, Leessang Company. writer @leximintkgtopty story from
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yay!! so happy for Gary and Gil - love Leessang!!! I look forward to seeing what's to come from them 😊