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Photo from kylejthompson Tumblr. 1 - Do some research: There are many kinds of photo communities out there, big and small. It’s up to you to decide what part of the photo community you’d like to surround yourself with and why. Is it pro photogs with big fancy cameras? Is it Instagrammers? Is it people in your own town? People who love photographing food, or skateboarding, or music? Go after whatever interests you the most, and see where it takes you. 2- Find your inspiration: We all needs an inspiration to do something, don't we? So it is the same in photography, find some sources of photographers that inspire you. Where do you can find them? Well, what I do is I wander around Tubmlr, Flickr, Instagram, or Vngle. Follow those photographers that you feel good, learn from them, and soon you will find some inspiration for your photography project. 3- Go, and take some photos of your own: Practice makes perfect! You cannot seemly sit in front of the computer, staring at someone works from hour to hour, day to day, and hope that someday you are going to be good ! Go out and create your own style photography. 4- Support others: Photo karma is real. In all communities, what you put in will often dictate what you receive down the line. Go like people’s work. Leave genuine, attentive, supportive comments. Don’t post asking for likes or follows, because that’s not what this is all about (and if you haven’t realized by now, people really hate that). Help people spread the word about their projects and exhibitions. If you’re a supportive member of the community and making great work of your own, people will notice you and you’ll soon find support coming back your way. 5- Reach Out and greeting to the other users: The easiest way to connect with people in the photo community is to simply send them a note. Find three (or more!) people whose work you love, send them an email/message/comment, and tell them you dig their work