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Totally exhausted you can’t believe you let this just happen. What are you thinking? You aren’t that’s the problem.
“I can hear you thinking,”
he comments as he braces his weight on his arms and looks down into your face. “Stop.”
He leans down and kisses you, rolls off to the side and pulls you up against him. He snuggles into your back, his lips against your neck.
“Just give me a minute.”
“Give you a minute?” You counter back, what?
He rolls you back over to face him,
“You didn’t think I was done with you yet did you?”
He laughs and bites down on your collar bone.
“Oh Noona; far too many dreams to catch up on.”
You manage to pull away a little,
“What excuse did you use? To come here?”
He smiles, “Well, they don’t know I came here. I told them I had a date.”
“A date? Oh God, they’re going to expect a girlfriend and details.”
He laughs and starts to nibble just above your breast.
“Relax. I told them it was private, from EVERYONE until we decide if it works.”
He looks up at you to waggle his eyebrows from his spot over your belly button,
“I’d say it works pretty well.”
“Oh my Lord, you’re killing me!”
He laughs, “Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”
“Age difference remember?”
You shake your head, “I don’t have your stamina anymore.”
He pinches you,
“Liar. You can out dance all of us any day of the week.”
He leans over, licks up the side of your neck and whispers,
“You’ve just never had it so good.”
You bat at him, “Conceited much?”
He lies back with his arms behind his head,
“Nope. Just know what I felt and what you moaned.”
Your eye shoot wide open, “You little brat!”
You start hitting him with a pillow as he laughs and tries to dodge out of the way.
“But seriously, they aren’t going to expect you to stay out all night on a first ‘date’.”
“If it’s a great date they might,” he smirks again.
You groan out loud, “You're insufferable!”
The next day you arrive at the studio long before the group arrives. You have yesterday to make up for and honestly, you need to stretch a few new interesting sore spots.
As the group enters you can tell they are ribbing someone endlessly,
“Just tell us, you can trust us.”
“Must have been a really good date. You didn’t get in until what, 3?”
You lift your head from your spot on the floor to watch them walk in.
“Hey, look who’s back,” [HN] calls out to the group.
As he hoped, the attention turns to you as they move around you.
“Are you all better?”
“Was it food poisoning? What did you eat?”
Amidst the hugs and well wishes, you glance up to see [HN] grinning at his ploy. You just roll your eyes at him.
“I’m better today guys, thanks.” You glance up again in time to see him puff out his chest, blow on his fingers and rub them on his shirt. Oh boy, someone has a big head and then you stop. Wow, head in the gutter much?
“Time to get started! We have catching up to do from yesterday.”
well damn......there goes my peaceful reading time. My head is so loud now.
This guys is seriously to much......but I like it
lol I'm gonna consider that a compliment @LemonLassie
why are you making him so perfect? my heart can't take it.. *hides in a blush bubble* ... my heart.. I love how you write Eonni... perfect...'re his naughty little secret! lol Stretch out some sore spots huh?! I bet! hehe!
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