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ok so I was tagged in this by @kpopNIT thank you I love music so it should be easy haha anyways I have lots of music I can always jam to its not always kpop some are soft Melody songs to haha if you listen to these comment below or if you know the artist you can also comment below if you want haha caution list is long so bare with me ok and check the songs out if you have never heard it you don't have to if you don't want to but it took me a while so yea lets go go go~ chubal ~
1: crow tit - bts 2: tomorrow - bts
promise - exo hold me tight - bts
3: I hate you I love you - gnash 4: talk dirty to me - Jason derulo
5: mommae - jay park 6: IRENE - Maboos
7: time 12:30 - b2st/beast 8: witch - boyfriend
9: danger - taemin 10: pretty boy - taemin ft Kai
11: hip hop lover - bts 12: let me know - bts
13: no more dream - bts 14: growl - exo
15: light saber - exo 16: overdose - exo
17: G.O.D - jimin & j.don 18: play - Jolin tsai
19: tears -leesang 20: adventure time - luhan
21: let it slide - Nikki Flores 22: trespass - monsta X
23: erase you - Nikki Flores 24: Q&A - seventeen (s.coups,woozi,Vernon, & ailee)
25: sugar free - tara 26: we were in love -Tara
27: hung me - taehyung cover ft j-hope 28: nothing like us - jungkook cover
29: eyes nose lips - taeyang 30: run - bts
31: we on - bts 32: pillow talk - zayn Malik
33: flower - junhyung from beast 34: no tittle - zelo from bap
35: butterfly - bts ( this one always seems to calm me down for some odd reason but I don't mind I love this songs it's so pretty~) 36: kingdom - bap 37: singing got better - ailee 38: toy - block b ( btw this is their new come back song lol I'm so happy haven't heard from them in a while these are some of the songs I listen to lol yea I know it's a looonng~ list but this is not half of my songs lol I still have more but I only did ones that I always listen to lol hope you liked it took some time so hope you like it kamsamida~ annyeong chingus~