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Do any of you have a place that you've never visited, but you know you're meant to be there?!

Well, for me, it was always Singapore.

My aunt was born in Malaysia, and she and my uncle lived in Singapore for almost 20 years! My grammy always told me stories of traveling there for the wedding or just to visit and it sounded magical!
In college, I inexplicably became friends with a ton of incredible, insane, amazing Singaporean girls and I finally had a chance to visit them in their home town!
Myself and two other friends stayed in a gorgeous AirBnB (pictured above) with a British family (and their dog!) and spent four days there eating, exploring, and discovering what humidity truly is.

Some places you should definitely check out:

1. Chinatown - There are tons of shops and eateries all around this area and the architecture is really cool!
Here you can find cafes that serve drinks the old fashioned way - in a REALLY thick cup so the liquid never cools. (Old men often pour the drink into the saucer and drink from that rather than drink the super hot coffee) Also try out a Singaporean specialty which is half tea, half coffee!
Singapore is famous for their food courts, which are just huge open-air markets with a ton of stalls offering every kind of food you can imagine. Most are open 24 hours and my friends and I were lucky to have stayed near one of the most famous ones - Newton Food Centre!
Carrot cake is actually a radish and soy sauce dish that is INCREDIBLE.
BBQ Stingray is delicious and you MUST try it.
Banana prata is like the best banana pancake you will ever have in your entire life.
Ice Kachang is a dessert, yes there is corn and beans in it ;D

Check out all the colorful food below:

You should also really take advantage of the heat and use it as an excuse to eat ice cream with every meal...cause I sure as hell did!

3. Orchard Eats

Other foods you should try are rainbow dim sum near Orchard station and steam boat which is similar to shabu shabu!

4. The Flyer
My friends were nice enough to get us discounts for the Singapore Flyer which was awesome!
I wouldn't recommend paying full fare for it unless you really like ferris wheels, but it gave us an incredible view of the city!

5. And of course definitely visit the Gardens By The Bay!

It was really incredible and you could walk through the Marina Bay hotel (where we took a much needed iced coffee break)

Singapore is definitely a foodies paradise and even though I've never experienced humidity like that (even in Hong Kong!) it was worth every second!

Just saw it. Great post, although you can get those old style coffee anywhere not just Chinatown haha.
@MatthewGoh Thank you! and I actually bought myself one :) I thought they were kidding when they said how cheap they were (I'm used to America where anything that would make a good souvenir is bumped up in price hahaha)
yahmeee food and a spa...........
Gardens By The Bay looks so beautiful. A definite go-to place. ♡
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