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Oh well. I guess Fluff is a nice start to Mondays :)
Finals week was a pain. That was a thing in which you thought everyone could agree on. The stress and the millions of pages to read and concepts to learn were huge, but in order to pass the semester it had to be done. So you organized yourself to study and do well in all your tests, everything was going as smooth as possible, but when that math test approached you new trouble had arrived. Math was your weak point and in this one you knew you had to try the hardest, all those operations and formulas were just too much.
Lucky for you, you had a ridiculously smart boyfriend to help you with that.
-I don’t know how I’m going to do Namjoon! – You said the moment he arrived at your house, he had his glasses already on and was dressed in comfy clothes, well as comfy as jeans and a t-shirt can be. Namjoon always looked so stylish with those long legs and broad chest. –I think I’ll lose my mind-
Namjoon hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead. –No one is losing anything, I’m here to help-
You settled on the dinning table, all your study tools already arranged on it. The calculator, notebooks, multiple pens, pencils and erasers and of course your precious highlighters because, how could you study without a bit of color here and there?
Namjoon brought his iPad and was now watching something on it. You’d told him that you were going to read the theory first and then he could help you out with the exercises but seeing him being so interested on the little gadget you couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing.
He lifted his gaze from the iPad’s screen and smiled. –Tell me jagi-
You smiled back at him and pushed your chair closer to his. –What are you doing? -
-Oh I’m glad you ask- he said eagerly, it seemed like your weren’t the only one who wanted to talk. –I need your help-
Clapping you gave your full attention to your boyfriend and putted aside your study worries, that could wait a little. Namjoon leaned in a little and placed the iPad more to the center so the two of you could see the screen equally.
He was going trough an online store and was debating in buying a new shirt, you saw it and liked the model but the color not so much.
-I think that yellow is too pale for you-
He nodded and started searching something else. –I knew I had to ask you, what about this one? –
This time he showed you a dark blue t-shirt with white moles, it was really cute and you really thought that color would flatter him. –That’s so cute, I like it-
Namjoon putted it on the cart and continued browsing, he loved to search things online, and sometimes he didn’t have the time to go to the actual store so he opted for buying this way. –Oh, look at this-
It was a shirt similar to the one he’d added on the cart but this one was magenta with the some white moles and in a female model. –So is that like, couple shirts? - you asked not wanting to assume anything, was it possible that Namjoon wanted to wear couple clothes? You thought it was something really cute but a bit cheesy so you have never told him anything about that, could it be that he liked it?
-It would be cool- he said simply but with a huge smile on his face, you just caught him. He liked it. –I mean, that way everyone would know you’re mine-
you giggled at his not so good attempt to dissimulate the cheesiness. –I would really like that- you said kissing his cheek.
Namjoon turned a little and kissed your lips, a soft peck that left you wanting more, but then you remembered, the math test.
You stood up and pushed the chair back on its place, Namjoon frowned when you got away from him, thinking he’d done something wrong.
-What is it jagiya? -
You sighed. –The test! I forgot I had to study…-
He face palmed, he’d surely forgot about it too. –Right, the test. Do you need help with anything? –
Thinking that maybe it was better to work with the exercises and not the theory for know you told him that yes, and he pushed his chair closer to yours to see better the notebook, so at the end you were the same as before, so close your shoulders could touch. The exercises were almost all logic and at the end you had to apply the formula to solve it, but it was more easily said than done. The good thing was that you had Namjoon by your side, and that was a big advantage; the boy had such a good logic and quick understandment of things that he was capable to help you with these exercises even though he wasn’t coursing this subject. It amazed you.
You were so concentrated in admiring your boyfriend’s impressive intellect that you had lost half of his explanation to the exercise.
-Y/N are you listening?-
Coming back from your thoughts you smiled at him. –I’m sorry Namjoon-
He was about to lecture you when his phone rang, it was a song you have not heard before but it had a good beat. Namjoon looked away and concentrated in the conversation while you stared at him, tapping with your pencil against the table to the same beat of is ringtone and your mind galaxies away from the math test.
When he finished the call after some minutes and looked back at you, you were in the same position, caught up in your daydreams so he put an arm on the back of your chair almost surrounding your shoulders and leaned closer to you, the tip of his nose rubbed against the side of your neck making you giggle.
-What are you thinking? – he asked and you looked at him with the smile still in your face.
-Nothing…- you pretended to focus again in your notes, furrowing your brows as if you were deeply concentrated in the task, but Namjoon was leaning on the crook of your neck and his breath was giving you tickles so you laughed and dropped the pen. He knew you were thinking about something and he wasn’t letting it go.
-Ok ok – you said after your laugh calmed down. – What song is the one you have as a ringtone? Is so good!- He smiled and straightened his position on his chair, this was his thing. Picking up his phone again he scrolled through his music files.
–Oh I’m so obsessed with it Y/N, let me show you- he clicked on the song and it started to play, you listened to the lyrics and the ear catching rhythm and when it finished you shoved your phone on his hands.
-You have to give me that song babe- Namjoon nodded with such enthusiasm, and left a peck on your cheek.
-My jagi has such a good taste, I knew it- he was all smiley by your side. –I mean look at the boyfriend she picked, you’ve the best taste-
-Yah!- you slapped him and he dramatically covered himself between laughs, throwing his arms in front of his body to stop your attack, but you were laughing so much you couldn’t even hit him properly so you backed up on your chair, holding your stomach because it was hurting with all the laughing.
-You’re being so egocentric, oh my god- you wiped a tear from your right eye and before you knew Namjoon had caught you between his big arms, imprisoning you into a tight hug.
-But the thing is, you have the best taste for having me as a boyfriend, and I have the best luck for having you as my girlfriend, my girl, my everything- Namjoon said every word while leaving little kisses on top of your head and you literally melted inside.Your arms surrounded his torso and you snuggled against his chest.
-Hmm?- you hummed, your face buried deep on him.
-Do you really need to study now?- Namjoon’s voice was soft and you thought about it. Well you really had to study, but it was being so difficult to focus, your boyfriend was the sweetest distraction ever. Moving your head up to face him, your lips barely reached his chin so you gave a peck to the tip and smiled cheesily.
- I guess that can wait for a bit-


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I give her props for holding ground to study, because Lord knows I would have pounced the first chance I got 😂😂😂
lol. All of bts distracts me no matter what im doing. Cute story ♡
@GossamoKewen95 haha same here! like oh it can wait for later lol
aww ao cute ♥︎
Oh I love it!!! so cute!!!!
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