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So this is really difficult for me since I know a lot of cosplayers and constantly see this. So since I honestly cannot pick just 1, here are a few that I really think are great. Take your pick.
Amie Lynn - Zoro Giada Robin - Kamina Lovejoynet Cosplay - Kiba Yuu-Chan - Seraph of the End Rin Okamura - Ao no Exorcist Jessica Nigiri - Ace One Piece One Punch Man GaLe - Fairy Tail Ciel Phantomhive
Kirito - SAO Panty & Stocking Nisekoi Bleach Daiki - Kuroko no Basket Taiga - Kuroko no Basket Tail Red - Ore Twin Tail Soji - Ore Twin Tail GraTsu - Fairy Tail Gruvia - Fairy Tail
Yes I realize the Twin Tail pics are kind of cheating lol.
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I love Jessica Nigiri. but then I guess everyone does
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great card dude, and awesome picks!
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