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There is no denying G-Dragon's musical genius. Time and time again he shows his creativity, versitility, and unique blend of genres and styles. From melodic hip-hop tracks, to electro power-pop songs, to smooth R&B infused hits, he has managed to dominate it all. Now, with the announcement that the Big Bang leader will be making another solo comeback by the end of summer, his upcoming single the popular songwriter has said he will incorporate traditional Korean folk music, or Gugak. Typically music in South Korea has been divided into two categories; Gugak, or traditional music, and Yangak, Western music - with K-Pop falling into that latter group. Always looking for that shock factor to set him apart from the rest of the herd, the prolific musician has been evolving for years already, and his latest dabblings in folk music are just another way for him to keep his fans on their toes. G-Dragon's solo comeback is expected in August of this year. There are several varieties of Korean folk music, and G-Dragon was not specific about what particular genre he was inspired by. Take a look at the two videos to learn about the two types of folk music Pungmul and Pansori. Aren't you curious how GD is going to incorporate them?
Can't wait to see how this turns out... Just feeling excited....GD<3
@chasinghapiness imagining DG dancing to folk songs in my head and I can't stop laughing
Haha definitely something worth trying, though I can't imagine it yet.