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My hair is getting longer yet still too short to pull off a braided updo. I almost gave up hunting down a cute updo for short hair. I guess Youtube was feeling bad for me and landing me on this gem. I can't believe the view is below 200,00! This Youtuber doesn't have the prettiest video but her instructions were on point. She explained them nicely and I can follow through with no problem.
Pictured above is the length of my hair just to give you some reference (Sorry, was going to upload the real thing but I'm camera shy).
As someone who's new to styling short hair I give her a thumbs up for easy tutorial and creative updos.

Take a look below and see what you can do with your short hair.

Another thing -- does she look resemble Taylor Swift or it is just me?
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she does kinda look like taytay! my hair is long but I'm glad you found some to try :)