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this is the night sky heading to Nashville on 4/12/2016....very curious....why does it look like this? It looks like it is daylight in the night sky.
My best guess; either a well-lit small town, or more likely an industrial plant of some kind. They tend to light up clouds for miles around them @ night (and are generally a bane of amateur astronomers)
thank you. i have seen these types of light skies before when I lived in Washington State when I was younger and found it was reflection off the Pacific Ocean but here in the small part of Tennessee I live in and drive on a daily bases I have never in the 20 years of being here have seen a daylight sky. That is why I was curious. Now not so much.
Next best guess would be lensing... (thundercloud densities can make weird 'light tunnels') I've seen similar "weird lights" - usually preceding thunderstorms when the clouds are thick w/ water vapor, and the warmer they are, the further away the source light can be picked up. Ironically, this same phenomena can amplify a simple small light from someone's barn (or even porch)... I only know this because I'm nature's curious test idiot, and have actually followed a few of these to their sources hoping to find a town with food or toilet... lol (take it from me, don't get your hopes up about them, but they are "trippy" to behold - they just lose their magic once you find out its just Granny's porch) ;)
actually there is not a town by this part of I-24 and there is no industrial plants around either. After I took these pictures it has not happened again. the town the sign will be showing is around 20 miles from the exit and it is in the opposite direction of what I took the pictures. I was taking them facing east and the town is west and it is not a well lit town.