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But seriously.

I used to have a huge book about fabergé eggs when I was little and I'm still so fascinated by them.
The Tsar of Russia used to give these to the ladies in his life for Easter and I WANT ONE SO BADLY. Disregard the fact that they're now worth millions of dollars...
They're every stereotypical romantic gift wrapped into one!

Some are music boxes, some hold hidden picture frames, and they're all covered in jewels.

I've never been one for jewelry, but considering I asked for an antique vase for my Christmas present (my lucky boyfriend only had to spend $6) I'd say fabergé eggs are right up my alley.
All designed in the late 1800s to early 1900s, these stunning pieces of art are selling for well over a million so chances are I'll only see them in books and museums but HEY a girl can dream!

This one is my absolute favorite (boyfriend if you are reading this take note!) but honestly I'd take ANY of them!

Have you ever gotten a unique gift that you loved?!

one if my friends get REALLY bored so she makes me (of course with the help of an original object) makes me things once in awhile, like maybe a pencil holder for on my desk (I can't think if the actual name right now but whatever)
A friend made one of those book keeper things for me once. The inside of the book is cut out so you can put things inside. It was a Great Illustrated Classics copy of my favorite book, The Secret Garden. My boyfriend made me a 'mixtape', downloads of songs that he covered but changed lyrics to match our 'story'. XD
I want one so pretty
@Dabaesaplayer honestly, i love scrambled eggs so if my boyfriend went and bought me an egg, cooked it up with some feta and spinach...i'd be a happy camper
I literally thought it was a normal egg I was like I can just go to the store and buy me some but these are so pretty and I usually don't like stuff like this since I'm more in to guy stuff
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