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I'm an only child so I was pretty safe from older sibling pranks growing up, but Millicent was not as lucky.

Her brothers planned a zombie apocalypse prank at the best time:

When she woke up from her wisdom teeth operation.

Best quotes:

"We have guns why are you putting garden equipment in the car?!"
"Mom says we can only take one pet - the dog or the cat?" "THE CAT YOU IDIOT. The dog is dying anyway!"
"We have to drive to Mexico, do you remember your high school Spanish?"
"I can say....pants?"
"Should we go to Costco?"
"Of course not, it would be a bloodbath in there!"
This girl would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse.

Did your siblings ever pull pranks like this on you? Or were you the one planning all the pranks!?

"I can say pants" HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE PART! 馃槀馃槀
When she feels better, she's going to kill her brothers for this. I know my brother and I did stuff to my youngest brother. I tried to sell him at a garage sale.
I once convinced my little sister that I was one of Santa's elves and that if she didn't do everything I said she wouldn't get any Christmas presents. lasted for a while month lol
my older sister terrorized me growing up - the devil lived in the well in the back yard, bears lived in the abandoned house next door, and my stuffed animals came to life when I left the room are a few traumatizing personal favorites. She also said that if I caught my stuffed animals out of their places then they would die, so I would make a ton of noise on my way to my room so they would have time to get to where I had left them before I got to the room... until the day I walked in my room to find them all over my floor - I had caught them, and they were all dead!!! 馃槩 Yeah, older siblings are great 馃槕
one time I convinced my baby brother with the help of my grandparents he was adopted and that his biological parents where here to take him home. he was 8 at the time and my grandpa's great niece and nephew where over. he was in tears and didn't want to leave. he started to pack his stuff but would start balling yeah then I told him just playing he wasn't adopted. now that he is 22 he is like I really wish I was adopted
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