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When Your Siblings Convince You of A Zombie Apocalypse

I'm an only child so I was pretty safe from older sibling pranks growing up, but Millicent was not as lucky.

Her brothers planned a zombie apocalypse prank at the best time:

When she woke up from her wisdom teeth operation.


Best quotes:

"We have guns why are you putting garden equipment in the car?!"
"Mom says we can only take one pet - the dog or the cat?" "THE CAT YOU IDIOT. The dog is dying anyway!"
"We have to drive to Mexico, do you remember your high school Spanish?"
"I can say....pants?"
"Should we go to Costco?"
"Of course not, it would be a bloodbath in there!"
This girl would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse.

Did your siblings ever pull pranks like this on you? Or were you the one planning all the pranks!?

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I was raised an only child but am the oldest of 3 kids (my parents divorced and I was raised by my mom. the siblings are my 1/2 siblings from daddy). However, I spent a lot of time with my younger cousin. one time I convinced her that her house had ghosts, had her lock herself in the bathroom while I took katchup and a butcher knife and had a pretend fight with the ghost and it "killed" me! she peeked her head out of the bathroom to check on me to see me covered in katchup (blood) and the knife sticking out of me (even back then I was great at fx)......it scared her so bad she stayed in the bathroom until her mom came home and pulled her out kicking and screaming! To this day (over 40 years later) my cousin refuses to watch horror movies and definitely refuses to go through my haunted attraction at Halloween......Lol.
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aww it's funny and cute at the same time
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I was the one pulling the pranks, in fact im still the one planning the pranks
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My cosin and my sister had made me think I was being haunted by demons, monsters, etc. I believed them for 2 whole mounths! I was nine at that time. They did a whole lot to scare me.
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That's love & hilarity right there. Lol.
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