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The Bad Girl and Bad Boy ch 1

MaeLyn aka Macy Lynda Choi is an actress who was forced into her bad girl branding by her publicist. She moves to Seoul to film a drama starring her and Choi Seunghyun aka Top from BigBang. She meets Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon, the bad boy, and they end up using each other for fun. What happens when she reveals that MaeLyn and Macy Lynda aren't the same people and that she fell for him?
So I wrote this when I first got into Kpop and didn't know much, I just figured it was time to finally post it on here, so be prepared because I haven't reread any of this since I first posted it to Quotev Also yes the oc has the same name as I do on here, that is simply due to me liking the name I made up, it's not my actual name but I would like to go by it haha don't judge me
Hello. My name is Mae-Lyn. Well, my stage name is anyway. The name I was born with is Macy Lynda Choi. My parents raised me in America. My mom and dad are both from Korea, but they decided to move to America once my mom found out she was pregnant with me. I suppose they wanted a different place than where they were raised. They were each other’s sweethearts since birth in Seoul in South Korea. We spoke both Korean and English in our household and I often confused the kids in my school by breaking out into Korean when I was frustrated or if I wanted to troll them. At age 8, I lost my mother. She accidently overdosed. Well that’s what my father says anyway. She had seemed off the days before. Her eyes had seemed glazed over and she was constantly telling me how much she loved me and how beautiful I was. I didn’t know what it meant and I thought that it was just normal for mother’s to act that way when they’re daughters “grew up”. As if 8 is grown up right? Ever since she died, my father insisted on speaking mostly English around the house. I don’t know why for certain. My father and I had gotten roles in a movie when I was 10. I played his daughter who had gotten lost in the jungle and couldn’t find her way out. We could only communicate via walkie talkies and we had to be careful due to the dangers hidden in the jungle. My career had started from there. I have starred in multiple movies and TV shows. When I was 16 I had gotten my first tattoo. It’s a black and white lily with my mother’s birth and death dates on it. I got it because her name, Nari, translates to just that, lily. My bad girl reputation had begun from there. I got one more tattoo on my left forearm that same year. It was the words “Rise up and celebrate your life”. My father disapproved of my next couple investments. Piercings. I got a lip ring, 4 piercings in my left ear, and 3 in my right. I always managed to stay out of trouble with him by abusing my dimples that I had gotten from my mother. The thing that made my bad girl reputation is the next few steps I took when I was 23. I dyed the ends of my light brown hair black, bright blue, and neon purple. Then I covered my heterochromia hazel and brown eyes with dark makeup. My wardrobe changed from bright colorful dresses to black leather and spikes. A lot of people loved my new style and even freaked out when I was seen wearing any other style. The movies I was cast in changed quickly. It probably also helped that I released a few songs talking about my bad girl act. Eventually, at age 25 I had gotten cast in a Korean drama that was being filmed in Seoul. So I moved to there, against my father’s advice to stay in Los Angeles where I knew the customs, where I knew people. I admit, the first few months were terrible. It was difficult to try and remember the Korean I spent most of my life trying to forget. Not to mention all of the paparazzi. I was spotted all over the place, not that it wasn’t great marketing for the drama. Although, I had moved to Seoul months before filming was even taking place because I knew that it would be difficult to adapt. But, that brings us to today. The day that I begin my role as an American teenager who was forced to live in Korea by her step mother. I carefully applied false eyelashes as my phone went off. Groaning as I messed up and got glue on my eyelid, I quickly answered the phone and put it on speaker. “Annyeonghaseyo?” I greeted. “Mae-Lyn unnie. It’s your assistant. The director wants you to go to his office right now.” My assistant was also a translator for when I forgot something in Korean. She’s a sweet girl in her late teens. “Ah, seriously?!” Mae yelled out as she messed up the lashes again. “Ok, noted. Hey, Mi-Cha I need your help. Can you put on fake eyelashes?” I asked, knowing Mi-Cha was standing outside my house waiting for her to finish getting ready. “Um..yeah. I guess I can?” Mi-Cha’s voice said, sounding confused. “Okay. Well come in and help me out. Please. And thank you.” Mae said, hanging up the phone and glaring at the eyelashes sitting on the counter. Mi-Cha quickly entered the bathroom and I sat down, seeing as she towered over her in my high heels. I closed my eyes and she applied them with lightning speed then laughed when I stared at her in disbelief. “Come on! He sounded serious!” Mi-Cha exclaimed looking at the time on her phone. I quickly grabbed my phone and purse before following her out the door and locking it. As we were getting into my car, Mi-Cha’s phone went off. She looked at the ID then glared at me, making me laugh. I pulled out of my driveway and started heading to the set, going over my lines in my head. As we pulled up to the building Mi-Cha hung up the phone. “He said that you’re lucky your costar was late as well.” She teased. I laughed and parked the car, then got out and headed to his office. As I trailed behind her, Mi-Cha knocked on the door then bowed at the director, which I did as well. I looked around the room and saw my costar sitting by the desk. He turned around and smiled before standing up and bowing to me, which I returned. The director motioned for me to sit, I gladly sat down next to my handsome costar. “This is Mae-Lyn. She’ll be playing the role of Kristie. And Mae-Lyn, this is Choi Seunghyun. You may have also heard his stage name, TOP” The director motioned between us. I smiled at TOP and nodded. I’ve seen some of the movies he’s been in. He’s a good actor. “Oh, and this is Mi-Cha, Mae-Lyn’s translator and assistant.” “You don’t know Korean?” TOP asked in English. “I know some. Both of my parents were from here but after my mom died, my father and I stopped speaking it and I forgot a lot of it.” I told him in Korean. He nodded and smiled at me before returning his attention back to the director. “So we’ll run through the script today and then we’ll start filming tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Okay?” The director said. I nodded and pulled out my script from my purse and turned my chair to TOP who did the same. I winked at him and he smiled, before looking down at his script. My script was in English considering I never actually learned how to read Hangul, my parents just taught me how to speak Korean. I guess they were never worried about me having to read Korean scripts one day. Mi-Cha helped me come up with the translations as she looked at both mine and TOP’s scripts. After a couple hours, Mi-Cha and I said our goodbyes to the director as TOP followed us out of the building. I pulled Mi-Cha closer and gave her a look that said “you saw how hot he is right?” causing her cheeks to blush a bright red. “Unnie!” She scolded, making me laugh. “Hey, I’m a healthy 25 year old. You can’t blame me for thinking guys are hot!” I teased her, leaning against the car. “Who’s hot?” TOP’s deep voice asked. “Oh this guy I’ll be working with.” I told him, winking at him. I think his cheeks actually turned a little pink. “Anyway, you want to go get some lunch? I told Mi-Cha that I would buy her something since she’s so good at taking care of me.” I elbowed his side. “Come on, Mae-Lyn will take care of you.” He shrugged then nodded. “SHOTGUN!” I yelled out as Mi-Cha got in the driver seat. “Of course you want shotgun…” She mumbled. I got to say watching TOP try to fit in the small backseat was funny, but I immediately felt bad. “Okay, fine. Hot Guy gets to sit in the front seat.” I said, opening his door right after he closed it. He looked up at me with innocent eyes. “Are you sure?” “Ne. Now get your ass up there before I change my mind!” I teased him and watched him struggle to get out. “So where are we going Mi-Cha?” I asked her, easily sliding into the seat that he had so much trouble getting in. “Don’t worry about it. I just hope you actually have your money this time.” “Hey! That was one time!” “That was three times.” She replied coolly, smirking at me in the rearview mirror. I stuck my tongue out at her, causing TOP to chuckle. “And you’re supposed to be 25? I think our ages are mixed up.” “You two act like you are sisters.” TOP said. “Well..we’re cousins, so I guess that’s close enough.” Mi-Cha said, focusing on the road. “Really?” TOP asked, looking back at me. I nodded. “Yeah. She knows English so well because my aunt made me talk to her all the time after she was born.” I leaned forward and flicked the back of her head. “AIGOO! DON’T DO THAT!” She yelled at me, making TOP laugh. “Saranghae!” I sung to her. I could see her roll her eyes, making me laugh. “Just for that, we’re going somewhere even more expensive.” She told me. “Fine with me, Mimi.” I told her, putting on sunglasses.
I like where this is going. X)
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