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Honestly looking at how bad I photoshopped that picture makes me cringe because I was so proud of it at the time. Ugh. Oh how I've changed in this almost year.
I laughed loudly at Mi Cha as she choked on her water. Top chuckled quietly, but avoided looking at her as her death glare looked at us both. “It’s not funny.” She muttered, wiping water off her chin, making me laugh even harder. “It’s like when you were 7 an-“ She quickly covered my mouth with her hand. “Don’t. You. Dare.” Slowly, she removed her hand and did an ‘I’m watching you’ gesture. I smirked at her. “Aw, you don’t want the handsome guy to hear about your embarrassing childhood?” I teased her, making her glance at Top then blush and look down before she started stuffing her face with noodles. Top looked up at her and smiled. “I bet MaeLyn had a lot of embarrassing moments. You should tell me.” She looked up at him, then at me. I raised one eyebrow, challenging her. Her eyes widened and she looked back down before looking up at me and smirking. “When she was fifteen, she ran up the stairs while singing her favorite movie’s soundtrack off-key and went to slide down the banister, but missed and got her pants stuck on the end of it and they ripped all the way down her leg on one side.” She proudly said. Top laughed and looked at me. I shrugged and picked up some food in my chopsticks. “I made it look good.” “You cried. Because they were your favorite pair. And you thought you broke your leg even though you ended up scratching it.” “At least I didn’t run around the house when I was 7 with my brother’s boxers on my head saying that I was a superhero.” I pointed out. Glancing up I saw her face flash bright red and Top staring at her in disbelief, laughing. “Macy!” She yelled out. “You promised not to tell anyone about that…” “No I didn’t! It was at my birthday party. Everyone saw. Hell, I think you even told us to videotape it. Besides, I’m sure Top did some embarrassing things when he was younger too. Don’t worry about it.” I waved her off. “Why are Chois so mean?” She muttered. I smiled at winked at her. “It’s to balance out the amazing looks.” I shrugged, nudging Top. His phone went off and he answered it, talking in Korean so fast that I could barely understand him. Mi Cha and I shared a look then looked back at him. His voice seemed a mixture of stressed and amused. “Ne. Araso.” He hung up, sighing. “I swear it’s like I’m an uncle.” Looking at me he smiled. “I have to go. This was lovely. I’m looking forward to working with you.” I nodded at him and he pulled out his wallet but I pushed his hand down. “I got this, don’t worry.” I winked at him. He smiled then nodded and stood up, waving, then walked out of the restaurant. As he did so, I gawked at his ass. “Damn, boy.” “Unnie. Seriously? Are you already going to try and get with your co-star?” Mi Cha sighed. “Well I gotta keep up with my reputation don’t I?” I rolled my eyes. That’s another reason why I was branded as a bad girl; I slept with a lot of my co-stars in the past. Plus I apparently had a drinking habit. I mean, yeah I get drunk a couple times a month, but it’s not like I’m drunk every single night. “You really hate that, huh?” She asked, eating some more food. I shrugged. “Getting called a slut all the time wears on everyone. And not just a slut but a drunken slut. Next thing I know, I’m going to have a drug addiction.” I sighed, picking at my leftovers. “Ready to go?” She nodded and I handed her my card then walked outside to the car, reaching for my cigarettes. I narrowed my eyes at a man across the street talking excitedly with a camera. He then turned his attention to me and screamed my name before running towards me. My eyes widened as he got the attention of a bunch of girls on the street and before I knew it, a stampede of people were coming my way. I ran down the street towards the set since I didn’t want to lead them to my house. That’d be terrible. Mi Cha had the keys to the car so I couldn’t take that. I’ll just text her when I’m safe. “MAELYN! MAELYN!” The girls screeched behind me. I pushed my legs to go as fast as they could. Damn fan girls can run fast! The studio was 15 minutes away when we were in the car so who knows how long it will take even though I’m being chased by blood thirsty teenagers. I got about 6 blocks away from the restaurant and a car pulled up next to me and I saw Top and two other men sitting in it. “Get in!” Top yelled. I jumped in, narrowly getting attacked by the girls as they caught up to me. Panting, I relaxed in the seat and look out the window. “Jesus..” I mumbled. “Nice to see you again so soon.” Top teased. I laughed breathlessly and flipped him off. The guy driving caught this in the rearview mirror and laughed. “So..who are my saviors?” I nudged him. “Oh. This is Youngbae.” He pointed to the driver, who looked up at me in the rearview mirror and smiled a really adorable eye smile. “What’s up?” “And this is Jiyong.” He pointed to the guy in the passenger seat who was playing on his phone. Jiyong nodded and didn’t look up at me. “Awesome. I’m MaeLyn. In case you didn’t hear the crazy fan girls yelling that.” I laughed, pulling out my own phone. Mi Cha had already texted me. Um..Unnie I saw you being chased by fan girls. Hope you’re alright. “So MaeLyn. Where shall we take you?” Youngbae asked as he drove calmly down the road. “You guys busy?” I asked them, texting Mi Cha back. “I mean Top left in a hurry.” I smiled. “Call my Seunghyun. And we’re not super busy. Jiyong wanted to go shopping.” Seunghyun said. I nodded. “I’m up for shopping. Just let me know where we’re going so my assistant can come since I left her with my card.” I said. Jiyong mumbled something in a snooty voice. “What was that?” I asked him, raising an eyebrow. “Nothing.” He said, in a rude voice, not moving his gaze from his phone. I scoffed. We just met and he’s already got an attitude towards me? “Don’t take it personal, Jiyong is going through some stuff right now.” Youngbae said, glancing up in the rearview mirror at me. I looked at Seunghyun. “So. You ready for tomorrow?” I asked him, peaking Youngbae’s interest. “Ready for what?” He asked with a mischievous hint to his voice. “She’s my co-star in that drama.” Seunghyun answered simply. “Oh. I see.” “Aw, were you hoping that we were going on a date or something?” I teased Youngbae. “Seunghyun hyung doesn’t have many dates so I was thinking that maybe a pretty girl like you would be dating him.” Youngbae answered simply. I nodded then looked at Seunghyun. He looked at me and I winked at him. Once we pulled up to a store, I texted Mi Cha where we were then I walked around with the boys, trying some clothes on. I grabbed this pretty electric blue dress and stared at it. It didn’t fit my style, but it was pretty. Jiyong noticed and walked over. “You would look good in that.” He said, holding the material to my body. Youngbae and Seunghyun walked over as well. “Yeah you would. You should try it on.” Youngbae said. I shrugged and went into the changing room. “Oh, Top. Do you know where MaeLyn unnie is?” I heard Mi Cha ask. I had taken off my shirt but I walked out and waved her over. She nodded and walked over, while the three boys’ eyes widened. It’s like they’ve never seen a girl in just her bra, pants, and heels. “Oh wow, that’s a pretty dress. It’s so…different than what you wear.” She commented as I smirked at the guys and went back into the room. “Yeah. Seunghyun and the others told me to try it on.” I shrugged, pulling off my heels and pants. As I was sliding the dress on, she smiled wide at me. “Unnie…do you know who those guys are?” She asked, her voice showing her excitement. “Uh..Seunghyun’s friends? Younger brothers?” I shrugged, turning my back to her so she would zip up the back. I put my heels back on. “They’re 3/5 of BigBang!” She squealed quietly. “That band you’ve been obsessed with for forever?” I asked. She spun my around and nodded excitedly. “Who was it that you were in love with?” I asked her, wondering if she just met her crush. “Seungri.” She said quietly. I smirked at her. “Maybe we’ll meet him one day.” Then I walked out to the boys and saw Youngbae’s and Jiyong’s jaws drop. Seunghyun just smiled. “You look good.” He complimented. “Good? She looks..” Youngbae trailed off, looking at how well the dress clung to my curves. “Sexy.” Jiyong smirked. I winked at him and Mi Cha shot me a look. I ended up getting 5 bags of clothes and shoes. Jiyong kept flirting with me and touching me. At one point he stood behind me and grabbed my ass, which I returned the favor on later on. I waved goodbye to the three, getting into Mi Cha’s car. When she got in and the 3 left, she squealed loudly. “My cousin got hit on by the bad boy of BigBang! And she’s going to be in a drama with the charming one!” She gripped my arm. I laughed and looked out the window. Jiyong was pretty sexy. I definitely want to tap that.