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The next morning I got up and took a shower before slipping into jeans and a hoodie. I pulled on boots and put my sunglasses on and a mask to cover my face as I grabbed my phone and walked out the door to see Mi Cha waiting for me. She smiled at me and got in the driver seat, seeming in a very happy mood. “You seem happy.” I told her. “And you seem nervous.” She chirped. I took a shaky breath. I never usually got this nervous. “I think it might be the fact that this entire show is in Korean. I mean you know that I’ve had to speak a sentence at the most in a movie before. I just really hope I don’t mess up.” I took the sunglasses and mask off my face, rubbing it. “You’ll do fine, unnie. You’re a great actress.” She smiled. I sighed and nodded, putting the glasses and mask back on as we arrived at the studio. As expected, there were paparazzi waiting outside the building. I groaned quietly as she parked the car and prepared to book it to the building. We shared a look and nodded. I opened the door and immediately cameras starting flashing and microphones were shoved in my face as questions were yelled at me in Korean. They were all speaking too fast for me to understand what I was saying. “MaeLyn! MaeLyn!” Was shouted all around me. Mi Cha grabbed my elbow and pulled me to the building, responding to the reporters in a kind voice. As soon as we got inside I sighed. 15 years of the crap really wears on you. Mi Cha smiled softly at me and guided me to the dressing room. As soon as we walked in I was welcomed by a familiar sight. A makeup artist stood by a giant mirror with a chair beside her with a hair stylist standing by the chair next to her, working on Seunghyun’s hair. “Oh, good morning.” I greeted them. The two women turned to me, bowing. “Hello, MaeLyn. I’m Soo Wan.” The makeup girl said. “I’m Min Soo.” The hair stylist said, before turning back to Seunghyun. He connected eyes with me in the mirror and smiled. I waved at him before sitting in Soo Wan’s chair. I pulled off the sunglasses and mask, setting them on the table in front of me before she got to work. “So your character, Kristie, is supposed to be a model from America. So I’m going to give you really colorful and bold makeup. Okay?” Soo Wan asked, putting product on my face. “You do what you need to, babe.” I told her, earning a snicker from Mi Cha. After a while, I switched chairs with Seunghyun. Soo Wan had made me look pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Min Soo stood behind me after brushing my hair and played with it. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “It’s just.. How would you feel about dying your hair?” She asked slowly. “I’ve been wanting to for a while.” I answered truthfully, turning my attention to my phone. There was a message from the director saying to meet with him after hair and makeup were done. “Well, for today, we have a wig we can put on you and later we can dye it to the same color.” Min Soo told me, grabbing a maroon wig from the table and showing me. I smiled and nodded. “Sure, that’s a pretty color.” I told her and she immediately got to work putting my hair up in a cap and fitting the wig over it. I stood up, playing with the wig. I’ve worn quite a few wigs throughout the years because most of my roles called for not so exciting hair. I loved the fact that the wig was the exact length of my hair as well so that meant that when we do dye it, it would blend easily on film. Mi Cha grabbed my hand and pulled me to the director’s office and walked in with me, sitting in the corner as I sat in the chair next to Seunghyun who looked at me and we simultaneously raised an eyebrow at each other. The director turned around and smiled tensely. “Okay. So it was decided this morning that instead of a show, this will be a film. The script for today is all the same, but tomorrow we will have something else. You will have tomorrow to run through the script with each other and then we shall spend the rest of the time with Seunghyun filming before he has to go on his band’s world tour. MaeLyn, when Seunghyun leaves for his tour, you will be doing some filming with the other actors. Okay?” He asked, smiling at us both. We nodded and he dismissed us. After we walked out of his office, Seunghyun walked with me back to the dressing room and I noticed a different woman in there. She looked up and us and handed us outfits. Once we got dressed and were ready to film, we headed out to the set. It was a café, where Kristie and Seunghyun’s character Chin Hae meet. Filming went by fast. Seunghyun and I got a feel for each other’s acting rather quickly and worked fabulously off each other. After a couple hours changing clothes and sets, it was time for lunch. Seunghyun and I had separate rooms we could relax in so I went in mine and changed into the clothes I arrived in then headed to Seunghyun’s room, wondering if he wanted to go to lunch together. As I got closer to his room I heard a voice whine. I shared a look with Mi Cha who furrowed her eyebrows. “Ah, but hyuuuung!” It whined again. I walked to the door and knocked on it. “Come in.” Seunghyun called out. I opened it to see Youngbae, Jiyong, and another guy sitting on a couch while Seunghyun sat in a chair a little way away from them. “Ah, MaeLyn.” He greeted. I waved at him and walked in the room, Mi Cha following. I looked over at her just as she stared at the guy sitting between Youngbae and Jiyong. He had a pouting look on his face and barely looked up at us. As he did so, his jaw dropped. Youngbae smiled and stood up, walking over and giving me a hug. Jiyong simply ignored us and continued playing on his phone. “Wow! MaeLyn!” The man yelled. I smirked at him then looked at Youngbae with questioning eyes. “Oh. MaeLyn. Seungri.” He pointed to us both. Well that explains Mi Cha’s expression. Seungri stood up and walked over. “Wow! She’s so pretty!” He yelled, not knowing I could speak Korean. “You’re pretty good looking yourself.” I told him, winking. “Wow!” He just yelled again. “Seungri-ah! Stop yelling!” Jiyong yelled. I laughed at his annoyed expression. “Ah, but hyung!” Seungri whined. “Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later, Seunghyun.” I told him, causing Seungri to nod vigorously. “Seungri, she was talking to T.O.P hyung.” Youngbae laughed. Seungri began to pout cutely. “Sure, MaeLyn.” Seunghyun laughed. “Okay. See you later then.” I waved to them all, winking at Jiyong who had just looked up. He smirked at me and I walked out. Mi Cha followed after me stiffly then gripped my arm harshly. She had a huge grin on her face. “Unnie! Unnie! That was him! Oh my! He’s so handsome in person!” She rambled. I laughed at her. Typical love-struck teenager. “You’re so cute, Mimi.” I teased, squeezing her cheeks. Usually she’d cry out “Aish! Unnie, I’m not a little girl anymore!” but this time she just sighed and continued to think about her bias. When we got back into my dressing room I sat on the couch and huffed a sigh. “It’s too quiet. You should play some of their music. Didn’t Seunghyun have a song you were always playing?” I asked her, motioning her to sit down. “Oh! You mean Doom Dada.” She said, sitting down and pulling out her phone, opening YouTube and finding the video. Immediately I liked the song, but both of us were soon overwhelmed with giggles at the music video. Seunghyun and the other men knocked on the door, making me laugh as he walked in. “Doom dada di vi da.” His voice chanted from Mi Cha’s phone. Just as he started to rap fast, I lost it. I was in tears from laughing at the Seunghyun monkey rapping as Seunghyun blushed slightly. “Me next!” Seungri chirped, sitting next to Mi Cha, making her tense slightly. He took the phone from her and typed in one of his songs. I was still laughing at Seunghyun, making Youngbae and Jiyong smile. “Hey, hyung. I think she liked it.” Youngbae teased, elbowing Seunghyun.