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And now, today's Nakama Campfire Prompt! -> "What's an anime that caught you off guard? (i.e. you didn't think you would cry but you did, or you thought you would cry but you didn't)"

That would be Fairy Tail!

I talked about this before so you can read my longer thoughts here, but I'm ready to talk about it briefly again.

I never thought....

...that I would love...

...and be so touched by...

...the friendships that I met in this show!

Seriously, it's amazing!

So glad to have found my Fairy Tail fam, and am still enjoying the show immensely!!! I'm using this today because I really thought I would hate this show, but it surprised me at how good it is.
I never thought that either. I thought it would be like just any other anime that I watched and couldn't grab and hold me like it did...I didn't think I could cry so much until I started watching this anime. All the love and friendship made me so pleased and I just thought it was beautiful....No other anime have ever made me feel like that...One time, I was in trouble so my mom said no more anime and the only anime I could think about was Fairy Tail, although I have watched some many anime. I would sneak on though, because Fairy Tail touched my heart. I never knew I could fall so hard for an anime, but I did. That's why told, Fairy Tail is still my favorite anime and it will stay my favorite anime, even though I haven't even finished it yet, I will one day. And to be honest with you, I never want this anime to end, that's why I'm so scared to move on and watch other episodes that could lead me to the end of the anime. It makes me sad to even think about not watching the anime ever again and........I don't know anymore. I just can't put it in to words anymore. Fairy Tail is just so amazing and I wouldn't know what to do without it....I would die, that's another reason I'm so scared to finish it. I don't even watch the movies yet and I haven't even got past the Magic Games, so I know I have a long way to go until I finish it....But I still don't want it to end. Fairy Tail is really and truly my life.....I would be so lost without it.... ❀
for real I was and still am the same when it comes to fairy tail. truly the greatest anime one could ever watch.
this anime, to be summed up on the least words physically possible, is spectacular