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Yesterday's {NC} theme was to talk about what character we want to see gender bent, and since people have already talked about a few I want to see, I thought I'd pick something a bit different....

I'd like to see Kou from Ao Haru Ride genderbent!

(yes, I did use paint to give Kou long hair....because I couldn't find fanart of him as a girl by himself lol)
Why? I think his character in female form would be one of my favorite kinds of female characters (cold exterior, actually soft & suffering, Homura, if you will) but also....I really just want a romance anime that has a girl/girl relationship (or guy/guy relationship) that isn't so heavy that it's forced into the yaoi/yuri/sexual side of things. The relationships in Ao Haru Ride are realistic & they don't even kiss in the anime, and I think it'd be great for a mainstream romance anime to have the same kind of story for non-hetero couples! I know they exist, but can't we get a really good mainstream one, too?!

That's my choice!

nice hair photo shop
@AshChrimson hahahahha thank you!! :D Paint can do wonders lol