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Time to confess my Vingle babies!

What is your 이상형!?

이상형 - IDEAL TYPE!!!!!


I tend to like funny guys who are outgoing, dorky, not super tall, and usually are leaders in kpop groups LOL.

What about you!?

juging by all my bias i like 4D/crazy/random sometimes they either have a deep voice or they are a rapper.... . but me just me.... . . i like a person that our like funny but know when to get serious have a child like attitude someone ill never get bored with and has a really sweet/nice personality someone i feel comfortable with and i can show my true self
dorky, sweet and usually the guy that gets left out. always handsome though
My ideal type is someone who ..... Doesn't give a shit and Doesn't give a fuck. -Suga
Mine is someone who is sweet and caring. Someone that will make you laugh at the silliest things and and make you smile all the time. Someone who is obviously dorky to match my dorkiness 😂😂. And Lastly someone who is loyal and trusting and will be there for me when I need him! 😄😢😢💖
I like the awkward, taller and generally goodlooking but doesn't realize he's goodlooking guy.
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