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Time to confess my Vingle babies!

What is your 이상형!?

이상형 - IDEAL TYPE!!!!!


I tend to like funny guys who are outgoing, dorky, not super tall, and usually are leaders in kpop groups LOL.

What about you!?

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I don't know if this will sound dorky or not ... but if you blended together all the personalities of the guys in Beast - that would be my ideal type. This is why I have such a difficult time choosing my ultimate bias - they would all fit with my personality extremely well. That's how I feel about Super Junior too!
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taller, cute, weird, funny, polite, can be sexy at times and manly, passionate about whatever he does, caring, adorkable, older than me, can put up with my random and weird moments which I have a lot, if he can sing/rap/dance/play an instrument that's a big plus, protective of me, maybe even shy bc shy guys are adorable
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People like YongGuk or Taekwoon they seem mean but once you get to know them they're just big balls of fur and babies but the moment I saw them I was like BIAS UB THERE U ARE
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I like pretty boys. They have a dorky-awkwardness- charm maybe with some mature charm there but not completely. A grown adult with a child heart. Open. Older for sure, height doesn't really matter but tall would suit me best. I love hair to be long-ish can be like jeonghan but absolutely do not like short short hair, I want to be able to run my fingers through and maybe put some hair ties and clips for fun. I also love bleached blonde locks, that'd be a plus. There is a part of me that wouldn't mind a dark-emo looking dude with some guyliner, nicely gelled hair maybe some ear piercings and a lip ring and wears a nice suit and looks so dark and intimidating, perhaps cuz then if we are together we would compliment each other, dark and light. And then I can also indulge in my darker gothic looks along with someone as well🙃
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Lee Sungyeol nah idk what my ideal type is yet
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