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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 3290 words
Warning: Smut
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 1/?
Three days. It had been three days since I had spotted the hot guy in the club. I went there to help me relax- I didn’t care if I went alone or not. I just went to feel the vibe, the atmosphere. To unwind.
But for three days straight, this intriguing boy had appeared. He always bought the same five friends with him. They’d all go off and find a cute girl to dance (and probably do more) with, but he always stayed back.
Well, him and hat looked like the youngest in their little friendship group. Don’t get me wrong, the boy was hot, but looked barely legal. There was a certain innocence about him, and he really seemed out of place in the club scene.
Fake ID probably. But who was I to judge? I had just finished my teacher training, and the school year started on Monday, yet here I was, sat at a bar, drinking like there was no tomorrow.
I could feel the boy’s eyes at the back of my head, and decided to play it cool. Instead of staring back, I took my phone out, to scroll through all my unread messages. Not that there were many. I mostly kept myself to myself.
One particular message caught my eye. It was from Jin, the guy I had completed teacher training with. He was extremely good looking- I mean, I had a bit of a crush on him since day one.
Well, I say ‘bit of a’, but it’s only recently I could speak to him without stuttering like an idiot. But he was too kind- if he knew, he didn’t let on.
We both had been assigned a chemistry class together, seeing as the class was supposed to be pretty big, and we were both new to teaching. Everything was planned out, but he knew I was nervous about it. I hated messing up and wanted everything to go perfectly.
The message was short and to the point. Hey! Ready for Monday?
I smiled slightly, and replied. It was only Saturday- he must have been as psyched as I was. Sure thing. Going through lesson plan again tomorrow.
It would be fun to teach university students. I was hoping me and Jin could both relate to them, seeing as we were young ourselves.
Whilst I had been staring down at my phone, I hadn’t realised that Mr Mysterious had made his way to me.
“Who are you texting?” His voice was deep, and made me look up, startled at the question. He doesn’t even know me, yet he’s so forward?
“A friend”, I replied shortly, my eyebrow raised in amusement. I put the phone back in my jacket pocket. His face instantly lit up, a warm smile taking over his handsome features. I noticed his dimple, and it made ME smile. So cute.
“Well in that case”, he held out a hand. “Nice to meet you.” I took it, and his big hands completely enveloped my own. “I’m Namjoon.”
It took him three days to approach me?
Even though I was slightly tipsy, I could see he wasn’t crazed, or even drunk himself, so I smiled and replied. “I’m y/n.”
“Y/n…”, my name rolled off his tongue, and he made such a mediocre word sound magical. “Beautiful…”
“The name or me?”, I joked, laughing. That was the alcohol talking. He laughed with me and replied, fully serious, “Both.”
He nodded his head towards the middle of the room. The dance floor. “Wanna dance?”
I snorted at the very suggestion. “I don’t dance.”
“Oh c’mon! You’re at a club!”, he replied, coaxingly. He put his hand on the small of my back and it felt electrifying. With his other hand he pulled me off the chair, and I groaned in defeat.
It was only when I stood up, I saw how tall he really was. I felt tiny compared to him, even in heels. “How old are you? You don’t look a day over twenty.” He queried, as he pulled me along.
I laughed again. This boy was too much. “Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a girl’s age? And for the record, I’m 24.” He smiled. There was a glint in his eyes, but I assumed the alcohol in my system was making me see things. “So am I.”
Yes! He’s hot and he’s my age! Hit the jackpot!
I grabbed his arm as I stumbled over my own feet, like an idiot. His voice was laced with amusement. “Why are you always here?”
I shrugged. “We all have a way to relax. This is mine.” We started swaying to the music, not breaking eye contact. People were bumping into be left right and centre, but I didn’t take my eyes away. His gaze shifted from amused to intense. He moved towards me, staring almost hungrily.
He looked me up and down. He probably didn’t hear me over the music as I whispered “Namjoon.” He closed the miniscule gap between us, his hand moving up my arm and onto my shoulder. Wherever he touched, my skin felt tingly.
He grasped my shoulder and pulled me in even more, making me gasp. I bit my lip in apprehension, but he stopped the action by dragging his thumb softly across my mouth.
Before I could register what was happening, he was kissing me. And I was kissing him back. He was bent down to match my height, so I reached up and ran my hand through his hair.
I was the first to make a move, seeing as that kiss had wrecked me. “Can we go to your place?”, he panted in my ear. I thought nothing of the question as I nodded, looking up to meet his lust filled eyes.
The younger boy Namjoon had been with was talking to one of his other friends. This boy had muscles like you wouldn’t believe. “Jimin!”, Namjoon called. The muscular by turned. He was extremely good looking too. In fact, that was something I had noticed about this group of boys- they all looked fine as hell.
“I’m out for the night!”, Namjoon announced. Jimin just nodded and gave me a slight smirk, before resuming his conversation. I felt my cheeks grow hot at that look, but didn’t outwardly react to him.
Namjoon grabbed my hand as he led me out of the club. Y/n, this is bad. This is not something you should be doing. You barely know him. What if he’s dodgy?
But he wouldn’t have waited three days to make a move. I internallt battled with myself. I was drawn to him for some reason. I hadn’t realised Namjoon was staring. “You ok?”
I jolted back to reality, my head instantly snapping up at the sound of his voice. “Er…yeah. Sorry”, I laughed it off, offering no explanation.
See, he’s a nice guy. He just asked if you’re OK.
I rolled my eyes at my own logic. The walk wasn’t even five minutes, but Namjoon became another person behind closed doors. I had to fumble about with the key a bit, as I kept missing the lock. We stood there giggling like idiots, until finally the door unlocked.
Once we were in, he kicked the door shut. The sound of him slamming the door was extremely loud.
“Shh”, I laughed. “I have neighbours you know!”
He smirked, pinning me up against the wall. “Good. Then let’s tell them who’s you are.”
To his surprise, I laughed again. “I’m yours? No, honey not yet. You have to make me yours”, I suggested seductively. He smirked before kissing me again, tugging at my jacket, while I sighed into his touch. The jacket came off, and the dress soon followed.
“Bedroom?”, he asked in a low voice, and I pointed in the right direction. He picked me up and I squealed in surprise. I was admiring his broad shoulders when he dropped me onto the bed.
He rid himself of his clothes as I watched. He reached for his wallet and put it on my bedside table. Suddenly, his attention was on me, as he rid me of my bra. He was extremely good at that, I couldn’t help but think.
He started kissing the exposed skin, sucking and biting at the point of leaving bruises. Guess I’m wearing a collared-shirt on Monday.
My hands travelled to his back, to hold him tighter to me, and as he kissed me, they travelled down to his boxers. I could feel the prominent bulge, and he moaned my name when I touched it.
He took off my underwear at lightening speed, and I gasped at the sensation of his fingers, right where I wanted him. “Namjoon!” I moaned.
“Oh my god”, he gasped. “Say my name again babygirl. Who’s are you?”
I could hardly breathe from the pleasure and he had barely done anything yet. “Y-yours Namjoon”, I panted. But I wanted more. I pulled at his boxers, and he smirked against my skin.
“The princess knows what she wants”, he chuckled. But boy, did he deliver. When he took his boxers off, I couldn’t help but stare. Instead of getting embarrassed, he just laughed. “You like it?”
Then in a lower voice, “You want it?”
He took out a condom from his wallet and slid it on at an agonisingly slow pace. “I wanna hear you scream”, he growled as he aligned himself.
He slowly entered me, making me moan loudly in the bittersweet feeling. But the pleasure outshone the pain. “Oh God!” Namjoon gasped. “You feel amazing!” he marvelled at the feeling of being inside me, making my stomach coil in anticipation.
“Faster!” I gasped, unable to take the slow movements. “Faster please!” All my self-respect had gone out the window by this point. “Faster? Seeing as you asked so nicely…”
He suddenly started thrusting into me at inhumane speed, making me scream. “Namjoon oh my god! Fuck!” I yelled. All I could hear was our heavy breathing, and his skin on mine. And the occasional moans.
He heavily leaned in to kiss me- my lips, my chest, my neck, anywhere he could get to. “I-i’m gonna-” I couldn’t get the words out but he understood because he gasped “Me too”.
He reached down to rub me, and that was enough for my release. He thrust in and out a few more times, until his breathing became even more laboured. Suddenly he moaned as he came undone, pulling out and collapsing on the bed next to me. I watched as he discarded the condom.
“That was amazing”, I gasped, when I could find my voice. He just laughed. “So…?”
I turned to him, pulling the blanket over us both. “So what?”
“Are you mine now?” I smirked as he stroked my hair. “I guess you did enough.”
“Hey!” I chuckled. “I’m kidding! Yes Namjoon. I am yours.”
The morning came by quickly as I found a now fully dressed Namjoon on the edge of my bed. My room was hazy with smoke, despite the window being fully open. I shivered under the blanket.
I looked at him, scrolling through his phone, oblivious to the fact that I’d woken up.
“You smoke?” I asked. My tone wasn’t annoyed or disapproving- just curious.
He smiled putting the phone down. “And a good morning to you too. Yes, I smoke.” I just nodded.
“Listen, I have to go, I have practice. Er.. Give you my number?”
I nodded, and got up, wrapping my blanket around my bare body, to go find my jacket. It was still strewn carelessly on the floor from last night. Practice? What does he do? What even is his job?
I decided I could ask him these questions later, seeing as he was in a rush right now. He saved his number, and handed the phone back to me.
“See you soon babe”, he whispered, before planting one final kiss on my lips. And then he was gone. I couldn’t stop grinning to myself. For once I had fallen for someone who actually liked me back.
I locked the door behind him and sighed. I had a long day ahead of me. After showering, the plan was to spend the whole day reviewing notes for the classes. Me and Jin would have this class for one hour a day, four days a week, so we had split the workload 50:50. And it’s still too much!
Monday came round. I checked myself in the mirror for the millionth time. I smoothed out the knee length pencil skirt and exhaled. What students probably didn’t realise was that teachers get nervous too- especially on the first day back.
True to form, I had worn a collared short sleeve shirt to hide the still- visible marks Namjoon had made. Namjoon. He still hadn’t texted, and I refused to text first as I didn’t know what to say.
Hey. I quickly texted Jin. Leaving now. I’ll see you in the lecture room?
He responded very quickly. Hi. I’m already here. See you in a few.
I rolled my eyes. Of course Jin was there half an hour early. I grabbed my bag, and double checked I had everything, checked my hair one last time and left the house.
It was only a short drive to the university campus, and I was glad hardly anyone was there yet. But then again, who on Earth would come early on the first day?
I greeted Jin with a brief hug. “You look great”, he smiled warmly. “Very professional.” I nudged him playfully. “As do you.” He was wearing a suit, and he looked amazing. I was sure all the girls in the class would go crazy for him.
We went over our schedule one more time, and before we knew it it was 9 am, and slowly the room started to fill up with tired students who were shuffling around like zombies, trying to find a seat they wanted.
Me and Jin had agreed we would allow the students until five past, but thankfully, it looked like most of them had arrived. “Good morning!” Jin spoke out cheerfully. A handful of students replied, mostly girls, I noted.
“Who’s up for a fun term of Chemistry?” There a were a few laughs and groans from the class. I chuckled at their reactions. Maybe they weren’t going to be so bad after all.
“Hi everyone” I greeted. “I’m Miss y/n and I’ll be teaching the course along with Professor Kim.”
He diligently nodded. “I prefer Jin”, he stated, addressing the class and I smiled. Already getting friendly with the students.
Some smartarse near the back called out “I prefer vodka myself!” I have to admit, that was pretty funny. We both laughed along with the rest of the class, as the door opened. A group of very familiar looking boys trudged in, out of breath. And behind them was…
There he was in a hoodie and jeans. This time he was wearing glasses.
The smile was wiped off my face and my eyes widened. The boy who I remember as Jimin called out “Sorry we’re late!”, as all six of them slid onto the very back row. I glanced at my watch. Ten past.
“It’s OK. We’ll let it slide because it’s the first day”, Jin replied. We got on with the lecture, and it all went to plan. I purposely avoided looking at the back row, not wanting to make eye contact with Namjoon at all costs.
“Right we’re almost done!” Jin clapped his hands in what seemed like relief. Thank God. I want this bloody lesson to END.
“But first, I’ve put ten questions up on the big screen on atomic structure. Once you answer them, we’ll go through the correct response for each, then you may leave.”
There was a shuffle of notebooks and pencil cases being opened throughout the lecture room as the students got to work. Well, most of the students. I didn’t have to look at the back row to know they weren’t doing anything.
I was leaning on the desk, arms folded, willing for them to hurry up, when Jin came up to me. He covered his mouth with his hand, so the class couldn’t see, and whispered “Check out the bad-boy club at the back.”
I bit the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from smiling. But it was no use. I laughed silently to myself at Jin’s comment as he grinned. My eyes scanned the crowd to see if they were done yet, and I accidentally made eye contact with him.
He was breathing heavily and his eyes were narrowed, his gaze flitting between me and Jin, almost accusingly. Jin’s voice telling everyone the time was up, was what made me look away from Namjoon. He looks pissed off. He knows we can’t be together. I’m his teacher. That’s illegal, god damn it.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sudden influx of students standing up, and leaving. “Are you alright? You were pretty quiet”, Jin asked gently. He was watching the students leave, but talking to me.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Sorry.” I smiled at him. “You coming for a coffee break? We have two hours to kill.”
I nodded over enthusiastically. “Yeah! You go ahead, I’ll be right there.” He squeezed my shoulder and walked away, as I sighed in relief. I was glad Jin wasn’t being inquisitive- I needed some time to myself.
What have I got myself into?
My face was buried in my hands. I had assumed the classroom was empty, so I jumped when I heard the door shut. I looked up to find the one face I didn’t want to see, leaning on the door, hands in his pockets.
He still looked pissed off.
I slowly stood up, trembling, and cleared my throat. I watched as he place his back pack down slowly. I walked to the other side of my desk.
“Namjoon, don’t you have another class? You’re going to be late.”
He didn’t answer as he walked towards me. I was backed up on my desk,unable to do anything but watch.
“Who the fuck is he?”
“He?” I furrowed my brow. “Who’s he?”
“Don’t act dumb, teach”, he snapped. I flinched at the scorn in his voice, but then got angry. He had no right.
“The douche who was flirting with you the whole damn hour.” I opened my mouth.
“Don’t use that kind of language.” He laughed. “That ‘douche’ as you so eloquently put it, is your chemistry teacher.”
Namjoon had his arms either side of me, pinning me to the desk. “And what is he to you? Boyfriend? Fuck buddy?”
I tried to push him away, but he didn’t even budge. “Namjoon!” I was shocked at his choice of words. And his blatant disrespect.
“He is my colleague! Don’t say things like that please.”
“Cut the bullshit y/n. I meant it when I said you’re mine” he growled.
“I meant it too until I realised I was going to be your bloody teacher!” I cried. “Did you lie about your age?”
He looked less angry. “No!…No. I am 24. All of the boys held off university except Jungkook, who came here straight away.” I assumed Jungkook was the youngest looking one.
I said. “I…We can’t do this Namjoon. It could cost me my job, and you your education.” He smirked and leaned in. Extremely close, but not touching me. He whispered in my ear. “Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.”
I watched as he walked away, a certain confidence in his walk that scared me more than I cared to admit.
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