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i couldnt really find any and the just v one idk if hes eating chicken but its best i could find. also theres one where all 3 (v jimin and jungkook) is in it but my biases are just v and jimin (but i love jungkook and all the rest soo much too of course) so yeah here we go lol...
i love them so much and i gotta say i LOVE pictures of jimin eating cuz he had his eating disorder so seeing that there was times he ate and felt comfortable taking selca of it makes me so happy.... anyways this was an uncomfortable one for me to do cuz currently im sick with a bad virus with nausea stomach cramps and like a bloated feeling is making me feel horrible... so yeah if i dont feel better in time i may have to wait a bit to make my next bias challenge cards. i hope everyone understands and waits patiently for me to comeback. im just feeling so bad that it seriously has taken me 15minutes to write this 1 card... anyways i hope everyone enjoys this and has a great day/night! let me know if you would like me to add you to or remove you from my taglist! my taglist @Lexxcisco @DonnaSearles