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Wow, it's already day 11 of the Nakama Campfire Challenge! So today I'll be telling you a little about my experience consuming Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I think this is actually the only mech anime that I've seen so far. Not sure why I went for it, since I don't think I'd heard much about it; I think it just showed up on my Netflix enough times that I just said sure on a whim, and I'm glad I did!


If you haven't seen this anime, I highly recommend you skip this, go watch it, then revisit this later. Now, before I got really into anime, I was a fangirl of other types, especially SuperWhoLock, so, if you're familiar, you know no one who dies tends to stay dead on those shows. Then I watched this. after I hit episode 8, I spent some time denying what had happened and taking a break, convinced that Kamina would be fine when I came back to it. I was wrong. Kittan didn't catch me as off guard. As soon as he kissed Yoko and had the same send off as Kamina, I knew he was done for. Then of course, there was Simon and Nia's wedding. Let's just say the feels are strong with this one!
So there you have it! I don't know what I expected from this anime, but it certainly wasn't this much heartache, which I love because I am an emotional masochist!
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I was upset that Simon x Yoko never set sail 😒
that wedding was so sad *crying manly tears
you and I are like anime brain twins @OtakuDemon10 lol
Hella pissed 👿😂@NikolasSatterwh
Lol @tylor619cruz you already know how I feel about that. I hate what kittan did so much it made me angry