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Who's ready for Yesung's solo album????? I know I am!!!!! These pictures does not do him justice too!!!!!
Do you all think his album will be just as good as Ryewook and Kyuhyun???? Let's hear what you think!!!!! Tagging my Vingle Buddies: @ESwee @sherrysahar @KpopandKimchi @KpopINT @KpopGaby
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I am too
2 years ago·Reply
Yes!!! I'm so excited for his album to come out!!! :D (And of course it'll be just as good...cause, coming soon, Yesung *in Eunhyuk like voice*)
2 years ago·Reply
yess i am excited for Yesung oppa ❤❤❤👌👌
2 years ago·Reply
@sherrysahar Same here!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
im soooo excited!! im glad hes finally getting his turn since he was supposed to have done this in may 2015 when he got out of the army. ill be completely supporting him! i cant wait i love him and his voice so much
2 years ago·Reply