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- Hoseok's point of view - I don't think I'll be able to go to an arcade with my head held high ever again. I managed to lose almost every game we played. She had no idea how to play them, but once she'd figure them out she'd beat me. After we left we got some food from a street vendor. She's so down to earth and easy to please. I don't think I've ever seen her more cheerful than she is today. She's been beyond content with just walking around and seeing the city a little. I never thought a girl could be so happy to just walk with me, hold my hand, and talk. Yet, here she is. A girl that likes to do simple things because just being able to be out in the open with me makes her feel so loved. I don't know many twenty-four year old women who would want to go to an arcade for a first date. Regardless of who it was with. I seriously doubt they'd have as much fun as she did either. She asks an innocent question. "Want to go to a bar or something?" I sigh. "I don't know if that's a good idea." "Just a quiet one. Remember how dead bars can be on weekdays?" "I guess you're right." "We definitely don't have to! I was just asking!" "I know we don't have to. Sure. We can go to one. I don't really know any though." "I asked someone who works at the hotel if they knew any not too popular ones. I think they said one should be around here. I've been, more or less, walking us in the general direction." "Let's find it then." ... We walk in and it's empty. This is definitely ideal for us. I don't want people to bother us or see me drinking. We sit down at the bar and order drinks. This feels so familiar. "I can't get drunk okay?" She looks at me funny. "I didn't plan on getting drunk. Just thought we could do one semi-adult thing on our first date." She's so cute. She smiled right when she said first date. "Just making sure." I put my hand on her knee and slide my hand up her thigh a little, my fingers just barely under the skirt of her dress. "Besides it's not like you need to get me liquored up in order to get me into bed with you." "I'm well aware of that. You know you're lucky it's dead in here. I would hope that if there were people around, you wouldn't be putting your hand up my dress." I slide it up a tiny bit more. "I simply can't help myself. You can tell me to stop if you want to." She smiles. "You haven't even started drinking yet and you're already getting handsy." "I don't need alcohol to make me want to touch you." "Well if this is what you're like now, then you will definitely not be getting drunk." "Why?" "Because let me remind you that we're in public and your hand is under my dress." "Barely." "And how about if you were drunk?" It'd be way more than that. "I see your point. Alright, so we get a little buzzed and then head back?" "Sounds like the perfect end to a perfect day." ... Fuck. My head hurts so bad. What time is it? I look at the clock next to the bed. Ten. Good, I can sleep a while longer. I shove my face back into the pillow. There's too much light in this room. I have a feeling we got way more than buzzed. I can't remember anything after our first couple drinks, but we made it back. So it must have gone okay. I don't think I've ever been legitimately hungover. Usually I don't even get drunk, let alone blackout drunk. Boram's running her fingers through my hair. "Not feeling good? Is it your head?" I nod with my face still shoved in the pillow. "You want some aspirin or something?" I nod. "Okay. I'll be back." I feel her kiss my head before she gets up. I feel a little better with someone to take care of me. I'm praying my stomach will be okay. It's fine now, but once I'm up I have no idea. I feel her ruffling my hair a little. "I shut the shades so it's not so bright." I look over and she's kneeling by the bed looking at me. "Here." She picks up my hand and puts a few aspirin in it. "There's water here on the night stand when you're ready to take those. I suggest drinking all the water or you're going to feel worse than you already do. You wanted me to come meet your friends today, so I want you to be in a good mood. Okay?" I nod. "You want me to get you some food?" I shake my head. "Okay. Let me know if you do. Take those before you fall asleep again." I sit up and take the pills. Oh my god, water has never tasted so good. "Do you want more?" "Please?" "Sure." She grabs the cup and goes to get me more water. So this is what it's like to have a girlfriend? This is amazing. To have someone who'll try to help you feel better and take care of you when you're sick. I know we've been together for a year, but this is really different. She comes back with water. "Here you go." "Thanks." I take a few drinks. "You can go back to sleep. I'll make sure you don't sleep past noon. Take advantage of being in a quiet room." She's right. This'll be the only quiet I'll have all day. I set the water down on the night stand and lie back down. I like being babied a little when I'm sick. ... "Babe, time to wake up." Her voice is so sweet. If I could wake up to this every morning, I'd never have a bad day. I open my eyes and she's looking at me with such a caring look. I'm just hungover, but she cares so much that I feel sick. "Feeling any better?" "Once I heard you." She giggles a little as she sits up. "Leave it to you to be sick and still manage to be cheesily romantic." I move so I can lay my head on her lap. "That's just me. I really do love it when you call me babe." She pets my head. "Yes, I know." "What happened last night?" She doesn't say anything. "Do I really not want to know or what?" "Well, nothing bad happened." "That's good. I only remember our first couple drinks. I didn't think I was that much of a lightweight." "Not at all, you're not a lightweight." "Then why do you remember and I don't?" "I remember most of it, but not everything, and you drank way more than I did." "How much more?" "Let's see, we both had a couple drinks, which was enough for me. You had one more drink. Then a while after you finished that, you decided we should take some shots. I told you several times not to and that it wouldn't go well, but you wouldn't listen. Then when you were taking them, the bartender kept pouring you double shots. He was either really nice or really bored." "Why would that mean he was bored?" "Well, it could have been to just have some fun with the only customers in there. It also could have been to get some entertainment out of watching you get drunk." "Weird." "Kind of, but I get it. Anyway, you took three of those, basically one after another. I only took one regular shot because you demanded it. Shortly after, I had finally gotten you to agree to leave, but when we were going to leave the bartender poured you another shot on the house; he said you deserved it for keeping him company on a slow night. I tried to take it for you because you didn't need more, but you got to it first. I don't remember exactly what they were, but the proof was fairly high." I groan. "Where's my phone?" She leans over and grabs it off the night stand. "Right here." "Thank you." "Any missed calls?" "Not quite what I'm looking for." "Did you make any drunk calls?" I sigh. "I sure did." "With who?" "Jin called and I answered. Great. Of all the people." "What's wrong with him?" "He's the eldest. He's probably not going to be happy about this." "How long was the call?" "Just a couple minutes." "That's not too bad. If you're so worried call him and see what it was about." "Yeah, I guess." I open my pictures before I call. Maybe that'll get my memory moving a little bit. Pictures of her. Selfies with her. A video? I press play. Oh, it's just us taking shots together. What am I doing? No, I kissed her in public! She didn't even look like she wanted to, but I turned her head and made her. I'm such a jerk. "Remember how you said you didn't want me to get drunk because I was already trying to touch you?" She blushes. "Yes, I remember." "I got drunk." "You sure did." "Did I get worse?" "Kind of." "How much worse?" She sighs. "Well you did keep putting your hand up my skirt even after I'd shove it away, and you'd slide it much farther up then when you were sober. You made me kiss you like nine or ten times, and during half of them you tried to shove your tongue down my throat. You also whispered in my ear several times saying we should have sex in the bathroom." She scoffs. "I'll be damned if I ever do something like that. Every time I said no though, you'd pout a little and say I wasn't very fun. Then ten minutes later you'd say it again." "Oh my god. I can't believe myself. I'm such a terrible drunk. I would never have done any of that sober. I wouldn't kiss in public. Even if there was nobody in there I probably still wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't have made you. Shoving my hand up your skirt even after you'd push me away, I'm disgusting. And sex in the bathroom? Who am I when I drink?" She laughs a little. "Apparently you're slutty." "It's not funny. First of all, that's so disrespectful and rude to you. Secondly, I can't be seen in public doing those things. I don't care if people see us together, but I can't have anyone seeing me do that. It'd be terrible if someone got pictures of it. I'd look really bad, but it'd make you look bad too." "The only person there was the bartender and he had no idea who you were. He probably thought it was partially funny to see someone like that anyway. I really don't think he cared. Plus, I paid so it's not like he saw your name on a card or anything." "He asked to see my ID when we first got there though." "But I doubt he cared enough to look at your name. He was just looking to see how old you were. When you pay with a card they care a little more to look at the name. Pretty sure you're in the clear." "I would have never thought I'd be such an asshole when I get drunk. I guess I can't drink in public ever again. Well, I can't get drunk anyway. I'm certain I wouldn't be that way with anyone besides you though. So there's that." "You weren't an asshole. Plenty of people get like that. If I had been drunk enough, who knows, maybe we would have done it in the bathroom. Doubt it, but it's not impossible. Drinking makes you lose your common sense and etiquette, that doesn't make you an asshole. But yes, I'd appreciate it if you didn't drink like that around other people. You'd make a fool of yourself." I groan. "Yeah. I would. I'm going to go make this call before I get depressed." She pats my head. "Don't be depressed." "I'll never be depressed if I'm with you." "Cheesy." "Yep." I get up, put on my pants, and step into the hallway. I'm afraid to know what I said. "Hello?" "Hey, wha-" "Nice to hear from you. How are you feeling?" "Fine?" "Oh? I'm surprised." "Why?" "Because you were completely wasted last night when I called trying to figure out why you hadn't come back yet." "Oh." "So much so, that I had no clue what you were trying to tell me since you could barely make coherent sentences. Boram eventually took the phone and was able to tell me you were definitely not going to be able to come back in the condition you were in. She said that she could take care of you better than us since she's had more experience with these situations. Which is true, so I'm glad someone capable was babysitting you, even though I'm sure she was drunk as well. She's probably just more used to it than you are." "It's not like she's an alcoholic. She rarely drinks." "That's not what I meant. She's older than you and has probably been drinking since she was a teen. Maybe not a lot, but regardless, she's probably better at holding herself together even if she's drunk." "I guess you're right." "So you have no idea what happened last night?" "Not after the first few drinks." "Exactly how much did you drink?" "Enough." He sighs. "I really hope you didn't go causing trouble last night. If you were blackout drunk there's a big chance you did something stupid." "She said nothing bad happened." "Let's hope so, she was drunk too so she may not remember everything. You know, I just want to say that honestly, she isn't making the greatest first impression. You rarely get drunk; but you go out with her for a day and you're out there on the street wasted." Try not to sound defensive. I'm going to stick up for her, but I'm not going to sound mad. "I'm an adult, and I'm old enough to drink. She was considerate enough to find a bar that wouldn't be busy. No one was there to see me like that. She actually tried to get me to stop several times, but I wouldn't. That's not her fault. If I was that drunk, she was probably worried I might get angry if she kept telling me to stop. I'm sure she didn't want to make a scene." "Well, that's something I guess. She at least didn't want to bring attention to you." "And she also didn't want me drunk." He sighs. "Fine. I'll let it go." "Thank you." "Sure. I try to be forgiving, you know that." "I know. Hey, did I ever say anything about her coming over today to meet you guys?" "No, you never mentioned that." "Damn. I must have told her that last night. Is everyone going to be around today?" "As far as I know, yes." "Think it'd be okay to have her come by later? She's really looking forward to meeting you all, so I don't want to tell her no." "What time?" "Considering the fact I'm not quite running at one-hundred percent at the moment; I'm thinking between three and four." "Alright. I'll let everyone know." "Thank you. I'll talk to you later." "Bye." I hang up. At least Jin is pretty understanding. Plus he's not going to go telling everyone. The door opens. "Is everything okay?" "Ah, yeah. Everything is fine. I told them we'd come around three or four." She smiles. "Okay! Well, get back in here if you're done on the phone." "Sure." She closes the door behind me. "How's your stomach?" "I'm a little nauseous, but it's bearable. My body is pretty sore though." "Well, that could be from dehydration. However, I think some of it probably has something to do with those bruises. "Bruises?" "Yeah. I didn't notice them before. There's only a few, but they're pretty dark." "What the hell did I do?" "Not sure, I don't remember you getting hurt. Probably just bumping into things. Does anything else hurt?" "Nothing in particular." She starts feeling the back of my head. "Ow!" "Yep. You've got a lump on your head too. Does your tailbone hurt?" "Now that you mention it, yeah." She hums as she thinks. "What's your diagnosis miss drunken injury expert." "You sat down on the sidewalk for a little while when we were waiting for the cab. I'm guessing when you did that you sat down too hard and then knocked your head against the building when you leaned back." "I feel so stupid." "It happens. You're young and healthy so you'll bounce back just fine. Try not to fall on your butt for a while though. Tailbones take forever to feel better; so if you keep falling on it, it could cause the pain to last way longer or get worse." "I'll try not to." "Anyway, I was going to ask if you were hungry since you haven't eaten since yesterday." I sit down on the bed. "Neither have you." "I ate this morning. I was up around nine." "Seriously? Why so early?" She comes and stands in front of me. "Don't know. I just do that sometimes." I put my hands on her hips. "Why are you feeling so good?" "I didn't drink like you did and I also drank water. You refused to drink water for whatever stupid reason." "I'm kind of an idiot when I drink. I don't sound very nice either." "Not when you black out. You aren't very nice or understanding." I put my arms around her, pulling her to me, and then rest my head against her. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I got mean." "Some people get mean when they black out. It's not something you can control. It just means you shouldn't get that drunk or you'll probably start picking fights with people." "Oh God, I hope I didn't do that." "You didn't. Consider this a lesson learned. You found out early in life that you're not nice when you black out, and that drunk-you thinks you can drink a lot more than you really can." "That's true. I still feel bad it happened with you." "Do your friends drink a lot?" "Not at all. They rarely drink, and when they do they don't get really drunk." "Then it's probably best that it happened with me." "Why?" "I've had enough experience that I can handle myself pretty well, even when I'm drunk. I've also taken care of plenty of people who got too drunk. You're a bit bigger than me though; so I had to ask the cab driver to help me get you off the ground and into the car. Helped me get you out of it, too." "That's so embarrassing." "Seriously, it happens. Don't stress about it." "Did I throw up?" "Yeah, in the alley by the bar. Then a little more when we got back here." "I can't believe I did that in public. That's awful." "Better than getting alcohol poisoning." "Very true. I still don't like that I threw up in front of you though." "Don't worry. I've seen it happen plenty of times so it's not a big deal." I sigh. "So if I was so drunk how did I manage to get undressed without falling over." "I took your clothes off. They were kind of dirty from you sitting on the ground so I wasn't going to have you sleep in them." I groan. "My girlfriend had to undress me because I was too drunk to do it. I made a fool of myself that whole night. I'm never drinking again." "Just learn to pace yourself; because no one else is going to be able to take care of you as well as I did. Not if you're only around your friends." "You did take good care of me." "I did. Now, you should probably eat something before you get sick." "Good idea." "I had fun you know." "How could you have fun? I ruined the night." "I had fun because I was with you. I had fun because I saw a totally different side of you, even if it wasn't the best. I had a feeling that you'd never been like that before so I felt a little special being the only person to have seen you like that. I wasn't going to let anything ruin my memories of our first date, especially something as silly as that." "I had fun too. Well, the parts I remember." She laughs. "Good. I'd like for us to both remember it fondly. You know what else?" "What?" "That was an extremely normal date. All of it. Especially getting too drunk at a bar." She laughs. "I suppose you're right. That was pretty normal for people our age." "Yep. We were out in public all day and you weren't famous for any of it. Not one person recognized you." "That date was pretty perfect actually. We got to go out and it wasn't interrupted at all. I was a drunken idiot and no one saw. You manage to make me feel and live so normal Boram. I have a theory on why people don't seem to recognize me though." "What's that?" "I think everyone is too busy looking at you to notice me. Why would they look at some guy when they can admire your beauty? So I don't think I'd ever be able to go on normal dates with anyone else in the world. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met and I get to walk around with you on my arm. You know what people probably thought when they saw us?" Her cheeks are bright red from blushing. "What?" "Why is that woman with someone like him? I'm sure they think you're out of my league. Because honestly, you seriously are out my league." "You're too much." "Only because I love you." "I love you, too. I always will." She makes me learn so many things about myself. They may not always be good things, but she still opens my eyes to it. She's got so much real life experience that she can teach oblivious me how things work. I'd never have these memories of being average without her. She's perfect for me. She's what I need in my life.
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They will forever be relationship goals for me.
@Lexxcisco a little haha I only had a couple people binge through it and I just sit there wondering what that roller coaster is like lol
@MadAndrea LOL YEAH. I hurt my foot and stayed home so I decided to read your fanfic^^. You were probably like...WTH....LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
They are so cute! I want my own J-Hope! XD πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’– I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY TOO. AHHH
@LemonLassie sorry >_< it's just such a good feeling haha I can't help but make you all feel feels! I'm compelled to!
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