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Hi guys...this was my first FF which I never got to complete hahahha but yeah since it's SEHUN's Day, thought I'd post it and see if people will like it. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you will like enough to continue reading it... Please let me know if you don't want to be tagged - @faith92 @kpopbunny9 @CamrynCherry @Caky @KassandraSosa @EmilyPeacock @EmmaJolie @KiinLyr @MelissaGarza @SaraHanna @screamoparadise @LeannePratt @MaritessSison @KaeliShearer @KristinaCaron @AlyssaGelet818 @lopleaf19 @amandamuska Disclaimer: All stories published here are works of imagination & daydreaming unless stated otherwise. Names, characters, businesses, places, events & incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All stories published are ©StarrySurprise
THUP! THUP! THUP! Senaiiiieee...Senaiiieee... GET UUUUUP!!! Senaiiieee..... What the hell!! that squeaky little voice. SHUT UP, will ya! I'm up... I yelled back as I scramble off the bed. Why does he always have to bloody scream so early in the morning I swore as I check the time...Shit! I'm late again. Just got another 15 mins to finish all my morning rituals before the bus arrives damn damn damn!!! I rushed to the bathroom took a quick shower, dressed & hurried down to grab my lunch before heading out. I heard my mom shouting to eat something before I go.... 'I'm late mom', I screamed back as I huff puff towards the gate. The bus just came by as I reached the gate. Phew! I made it!! *I pumped my fist in the air* As I got in & I scan for the familiar face...& there she was, all smiles waving like a lunatic. I grin & I rush towards her. 'Wow, that was close Sen. I thought you're going to missed it again' Ha! toldcha I'd make it today...I rock don't I? I winked.... Oh hi, my name is SENAI CHOI, 17 yr old awesome kickass coolest girl on the block. A secret ninja, saving the world one day at a time....yep, that's ME!!! Unfortunately EVERYONE disagrees with this...I wonder why! ~sigh~ Anywho, I live with my mom & my little brother & yes, that was him earlier, thupping away like there's no tomorrow. Hmmmn...I love to read, a pro Foodie, Music & Movie buff. Besides this, I like all things that has "crazy" stamped on it. And....~coughs~ I swear a lot & tends to get very colorful with words. I'm pretty sure my little bro gonna be a millionaire soon at this rate with his No-Swearing-in-the-house-cookie-jar business huh! Ok, before I go on...let me introduce you to this bunch. I love them to bits as much as I hate them. Yeah, my life with them is always a circle of love-hate relationship ----MEET ----- Hyorin - A.K.A Momma, my best friend, my mentor & the coolest person I know. Oh and she moonlights as an interior designer when she's not been a mom. Kenzo - A.K.A Zozo, the brat, the pest, the Zit. His mission in life is to annoy me. Sometimes I wonder if the big guy above just made him as a pay back for something I did in the past huh! Hey don't get me wrong, I love this bugger as much as I want to smack him for annoying the crap out of me like EVERYDAY!!! Lee Haeyi - A.K.A Lee, my bestie, bff, my sis from another partner (now now don't any ideas. We're not *****we like guys too much to be one). We just act like one for amusement & yes, def to get on people. She is sweet, kind, feminine & very very pretty. Not exaggerating but half of the guys in our school are pinning for her if you must know ~ooh I'm so proud of her~. Which brings to ME, ahhh...I'm all things but those qualities. And THIS...the bunch will all agree ha ha ha Bite me! Minho - A.K.A "M" my sweet sweet buddy, bff, again my bro' from another mother. Lets see, he's that kind of ideal guy for every girl besides me (he + me = Yikes! gross) yeah ladies, look out for him (Oh he's so gonna treat me for writing this about him woot!) What can I say, I can pretty much be bribe with food any-day! :D If you're wondering where my dad is, well he passed away when zozo was just 3 yrs old. Seems a long time ago now. He was the coolest guy I've ever known. I missed him much though I never show it. Since, his passing, this bunch became the people closes to my heart & I could do anything for them. Lee, minho & I have been best friends since the day I smack 'M' for pulling Lee's hair in Kindergarten. I guess, the smacking, the crying & the ice-cream later was the turning point of our friendship. We have been inseparable since. We did almost everything & anything together. Well until last year, when 'M' got transferred to another school. But yes, we always hangout during our holidays. Having said that, summer break is just a month away. Can't wait for the 3 musketeers (that's what we call ourselves oh yeah!) reunion woot!!. ...Fast forward to present..... "Oh yeah you definitely rock!" Lee chimed patting my back. We went on with the usual blabbering till we reach the school. Quick note - VALLEY HIGH is the name of our school. A rather small institution comparatively but it has got its perks. Unlike many schools, our school is located outskirt from the main town hence the exclusiveness & provide a good sense of privacy. The very reason why we tend to have quite a number of celebrities as part of the alumni. And Yes, we have one very own hot stuff (not my opinion btw) in our class if you must know. Have you heard of the band EXO (of course you did, who wouldn't right?!!) those 11 super cute adorable guys or should I say wolves. Yeah...u heard it right just 11. My opinion of adorableness only extend to "11" because I have the 12th member in my class & trust me he's NOT at all adorable. He's annoying, egoistic & that smug face makes me want to puke. However, every girl in my school begs to differ with me in this huh! They think he's heaven sent & blah blah blah....the look of adoration they throw when smug face smiles at them is so pathetic...pssst! Morons. All I can do is mentally bang my head on some invisible wall. Talk of the devil...he's right there standing beside the gate, earphones plugged in, a little smile playing up in the corner of this mouth...(you got to give him, he's got the look, the body & he can be darn cool when he's not throwing his weight around...damnit tsk tsk tsk Senai focus, focus!!!!) I frown & mentally shook myself. "SENAI!! are you trying to throw those invisible daggers again???? I can see your face all dark & murderous. You only do that when its to do with Sehun!". Oh btw, that smug face aka *SF* name is SEHUN....' Seriously girl, what's your deal with him??. I can't understand why you're not a fan of his. I thought you like EXO', Lee asked shaking her head & rolling her eyes dramatically. *Ha! my craziness & flair for been dramatic is finally rubbing on her Muahahahahahaha* Ok back to earth lady, I scolded myself. "Hold up sister! deal with him??" I bark. 'Let me tell you, that good for nothing, mannerless, annoying bugger who thinks he God's gift to woman....Annndd!' Before I could continue with my verbal swagger...Lee held up her hand & said 'Nope I still don't see it!!.' 'Lee com'n, you're my hunny bunny BFF, how can you side with him' I reply with my best puppy eyes while doing the dramatic sigh. ' God! Sen, you are too sure knows how to pull the puppy eyes stunt' she laughed. 'Com'n now, we here. Get your punk ass up & lets get to class before Mr.Kim catches us'. 'Omo Omo! did u just say, ~Punk ass!~?' I jump out off the seat. 'Oh Lee, I so proud of you' I bubbly hugged her. 'Stop that, people will think we're lovers!!' 'Like we're not!' I howled as get we got off the bus laughing our ass. Oh yeah, I was so proud of her that I almost forgot about my nemesis till I got to the gate & heard "Someone seems to have woken up on the right side of the bed for once eh!" I could hear the smirking in that tone. *That smug faceeee...grrrrr* YAY! I clenched my fist & right when I was about to turn & give him a pieceee....Lee pull me forward muttering we're late while breezily saying "Hi Sehun" & dragged me off to class. 'What the hell was that Lee!!?' I asked in my irritated voice. 'Look Sen, if you start with one of your sassy comeback, we'll never hear the end of it which would result in getting late to class & we can't afford to do since Mr.Kim already has us in his list'. I couldn't argue with that since it was true. So I meekly followed her to class while I stab that smug face a hundred times in mind..... ---------------------------------------------- Author note: Well...anyone liking it??!!! Hahaha I hope you do. 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