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Men are complicated creatures.

As women, we don't get them and that's perfectly fine. The fact of the matter is, they don't get us either. While we have quite a few misconceptions about the men in our lives, they don't all happen to be true. Although we may think he doesn't have feelings and he just wants to kick it to watch Netflix, don't believe everything you hear.
There's always going to be a stereotype floating around about both men and women, but not all facts are true facts. With that being said, Cosmopolitan had the opportunity hear it first from a man himself who broke down the myths and the facts. If you're interested in hearing the truth from the lips of a man, keep scrolling and check out the common myths about men seen below.

The Myth: Men Only Care About a Woman's Appearance

While it makes a lot of sense, this doesn't happen to be the case. The physical is definitely important to a man, but at the end of the day looks aren't everything. Although when a man is younger he can be more shallow and put looks before what matters most.

The Myth: Men Are Not Emotional

Just because he doesn't break down and close himself off after an argument doesn't mean that a man isn't emotional. Men have feelings just like women, but some men happen to express them differently. Being emotional is usually equated to weakness when it comes to a man and nobody wants a weak man in their presence.

The Myth: Men Are Selfish Lovers

Believe it or not, when a man is into you -- it will show. He doesn't like to share and in his mind, what's his -- is his.

The Myth: Men Can't Be Friends With Women

This is the one myth we always debate as men and women. If we're in a relationship with a man it's hard to believe that he has friends who happen to be women and they are nothing more than just friends. If you can't seem to realize that the opposite sex can and will be friends, you have a lot of growing to do. I'll admit, I'm in need of a little more growth.

What's one myth about the opposite sex that you've heard?

Do you think it's true?
@jordanhamilton the selfish lover part that isn't a myth it'll show at least from what I see, I'm also selfish on it at times lol, another one I disagree with was having women as friends if you have a gf maybe 6 times out of 10 jealousy occurs not saying all but most from my experience and my friends experience.
Totally agree :) @MarkoKaRiambo
You are very very welcome!!! I'm glad you happened to appreciate it @Dynamo
the Myths is the Myths, I think ;)...
True, men are complicated,funny when you say men are selfish lovers,.men can't have a woman as friend.yeah jealousy.above all,men are really complicated
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