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Quiz where are destined to live?
so I don't really read much with Koreaboo however I do when there are quizzes or if they are the first to explain to me on what is going on. They do a lot of articles on our favorite idols. However they put a quiz up on where should you live. I have taken this quiz for times and that was two years ago. Now I take it again I still get the same result.
is this a sign that I am destined to live in the near future? link for quiz comment below on which country you get.
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I think it may be the Oriental culture in general that I love. I just prefer the korean one, since the language is so pretty. I have a high respect for them
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I agree the language is pretty and easy to learn. what I like the most is the history. there is so much to learn.
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There is! it's really amazing how much you can learn. I love the dramas and the music too way more than I like it here
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I got the same result haha
2 years ago·Reply
I got England. Apparently the person who made the quiz associates England with elegance and poise. It isn't even on the (very long) list of places I wish I could visit!
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