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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 5191 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 2/?
Y/n’s POV
I wasn’t tired seeing as I had just woken up, so I changed into a comfy oversized shirt and leggings. For my nest-hair, a messy bun would suffice. I washed my face, to get rid of some of the puffiness, and sat down on my bed, feeling numb.
I thought Tae would have been sound asleep, but to my surprise, he burst in, not even ten minutes after we had said goodnight. “Come in, why don’t you”, I remarked sarcastically, but I got a bit worried when he didn’t even smile.
“What?” He peered outside my window. “Namjoon hyung texted. Yoongi just left the house. There’s only two places he would go at this time. The club or...”
“Here”, I muttered. “Taehyung, I can’t handle seeing him. Especially when he doesn’t even know that I know about him cheating.” I suddenly felt very afraid.
And Taehyung and I both knew the consequences if Yoongi was to catch Tae here at this time of night. Ironic as it is, he would convict me of cheating.
“Don’t worry y/n-ah, I got this. Turn all the lights off, OK? Jungkook told him you were visiting parents, so all we have to do is pretend the house is empty. And I have the spare key, so he can’t get in, remember?”
I nodded, swallowing. Taehyung turned off the kitchen lights, while I turned off the lamp in the living room. Finally, after double-checking everywhere, we both collapsed on my bed, waiting.
If he was on his way here, he would literally be here in a couple of minutes. Taehyung held my hand tight. My palms were hot and sweaty, but he didn’t seem to care. “Is your phone on silent? You know, in case he calls from outside.” I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.
I can’t believe I was acting so scared of someone I’d dated for a year. But, then again, even the boys knew of his temper. He had never physically hurt me of course, but he did shout a lot.
But I loved him. And he loved me. Or so I thought.
“Is yours on silent?” I whispered. He nodded too. I was sure Yoongi would call him too, to ask where he was, seeing as Taehyung wasn’t home.
A sudden knock made me jump. Taehyung just held me closer as I tried not to make any noise. “Y/n?” There it was. His voice. I wanted to sob out loud just at the sound of it.
“Y/n, are you there?” He sounded a bit more annoyed this time. “OPEN. THE DOOR!” With every word he hit the door hard, not thinking about the other students who were probably asleep.
I looked up at Taehyung, who even in the dark, I could tell was worried. I saw him take out his phone and text Namjoon of the situation.
Namjoon, being as trustworthy as he was, took action to help us out. I heard Yoongi’s phone ring, and he answered. “Namjoon?... I told you I went out. Why do you need to know?...Why would she visit her parents and not tell me?!”
He was shouting now, so me and Taehyung could hear every word. “No, I did not fucking forget. I remember everything she tells me.... Is Taehyung back yet?...No?.. Then you can go annoy him about where he is and when he’ll come home.”
And with that Yoongi ended the call.
He tried my door a few more times, before letting out a frustrated roar and storming off. Me and Taehyung both exhaled. He slowly let me go to look at me. “Yoongi hyung isn’t stupid. Your spare key was missing, and so was I.”
“Don’t worry. just say I took it back so none of you walked here to find the place empty.”
There was a comfortable silence between us until Taehyung spoke again. “It’s past midnight. So technically it’s Sunday morning.”
I laughed quietly. “Well done genius.” He ignored the remark. “Y/n, thise tickets are for today.” That wiped the smile off my face. The amusement park...I’d completely forgotten.
“You lot should all go”, I muttered. He scoffed. “Don’t be stupid. I’m not going if your not, pabo.”
“Taehyung, you paid for it.”
“So did you.”
“You paid more.”
“Did not.” This bickering would get us nowhere.
“I know!” He suddenly spoke. “Why don’t we all surprise Yoongi, and give him two tickets!”
I frowned, not really understanding his logic. “What the hell is he going to do with two tickets.”
Taehyung rolled his eyes at my apparent stupidity. “One for him...” he said slowly. “...And one for Suzy!” It took be a moment to process what he was saying.
It was mean, but tempting. I mean yes, Yoongi was the most beautiful person I’d ever met, but he was also cheating on me. Suddenly, I wanted to be there, and see his face fall. Taehyung clapped as his shoulders shook in silent laughter. “Invite Suzy!”
I was clutching my sides, wheezing. Boy, he was a bad influence. And I loved him for it. Only Tae could make cheating seem funny. I smiled at him warmly as I texted her. “I’ve just said I’m at my parents house and asked if she can meet me at the boys place tomorrow. And that it’s a surprise.”
I can’t believe I’m doing this. It was funny right now, but I knew the moment I laid eyes on him, I’d be an emotional wreck
“Aish, you shouldn’t be condoning this, Yoongi’s your friend”, I giggled. “So are you y/n-ah. And he hurt you. I know how it feels so I’m on your side completely. We all are.”
I smiled at him. “I guess I can forgive you guys for not telling me then."
Yoongi’s POV
She wasn’t answering the door. She was a light sleeper, so even if she was asleep, the racket Yoongi made would have woken her up. Maybe Namjoon had been right...and I forgot she wasn’t gonna be home.
Yoongi tried ringing Taehyung, and it went to voicemail. He might have fallen asleep at his friends house but Tae never did that unless he’s really close with someone. In fact, he only did that with y/n.
Yoongi gritted his teeth in frustration, as he made his way back, not knowing what to do. Suddenly he got a text. He whipped his phone, thinking it would be y/n, but no such luck. In fact, it was Suzy.
He frowned. What does she want?
From Suzy: Hey babe. Y/n just texted me inviting me round to yours tomorrow. Says it’s a bday surprise.
To Suzy: You know where she is?
From Suzy: Parents house, she says. See you tomorrow. Love you xx
Yoongi grimaced at the ‘Love you’. He didn’t love her, he only loved y/n, and she knew that.
He didn’t like the idea of him, y/n and Suzy in the same room. Suzy was a massive flirt. And anyways, y/n never invited Suzy around. Ever. He just shook his head. He was overthinking, as usual. As he got back in, he noticed even Namjoon had dozed off.
He silently crept back into his room, hoping tomorrow would clear out all this confusion.
Y/n’s POV
When we woke up, we were still in that position. Tae had his arms around me and both of us were sat up against the wall. I groaned quietly as I moved my stiff neck and joints, causing Tae to stir.
“Not the best night I’ve ever had”, he joked, his gruff voice still raspy from sleep. I hit his arm playfully, but he was right. He had gone though all that, just for me.
“You should have left, pabo”, I gently chastised, as I snuggled up to him further. He laughed. “No way, I was kidding. I couldn’t leave you like that.”
He’s a gift, was all I could think. I grabbed his phone to check the time. “Tae it’s 9 am!” I jumped up “The tickets said on them the park opens at 11!”I started pulling at his hand, “C’mon!”
He groaned, stretching his arms out. The shirt lifted, and the skin to his toned stomach was exposed. I mischievously grinned and poked it, making him yell. “Yah!”
I laughed at his reaction. “I’m gonna freshen up, then we’ll go.” He looked at me, eyebrow quirked, amused. “You’re gonna wear that?”
“Erm...yes?” I really didn’t have a reason to bother with appearance. Not like I cared what Yoongi thought. Well, that’s what I told myself. And the boys saw me in my comfortable clothes all the time- especially Hoseok, seeing as I danced in them.
I came back out the bathroom, face fresh, hair fixed and grabbed my phone and earphones. “Let’s go Tae!” I felt like the quicker I would break it off with Yoongi, the quicker I would feel better about it. Then him and Suzy could do whatever the hell they wanted.
We walked along, laughing and joking. “I let the boys know our plan while you were in the bathroom. They all found it hilarious. And they’re glad you’re not mad at them.” I nodded mutely. I couldn’t stay mad at them. I wouldn’t know what to do in their situation too.
The nearer we got to the boys place, the more my stomach coiled in apprehension. Taehyung noticed. “Hey. It’s gonna be OK. We’re all with you.” I smiled at him. I almost believed his words.Even if the boys were strong for me, I was weak.
Me and Taehyung both stopped dead at the sight before us. There she was, waiting outside the boys house- a scantily clad Suzy. But it wasn’t Suzy that made us stop. It was the girl next to her. Suzy’s best friend, and Taehyung’s ex. Krystal. She was wearing even less than Suzy was.
Both girls looked me up and down, before Krystal turned her attention to Tae, and Suzy looked at me, a fake smile plastered on her face.
“Thought you were at your parents?” she asked, still smiling. “I nodded and muttered “I was. Just bumped into Tae on my way here.” She just nodded and motioned for me to open the door, which I did, begrudgingly.
What the fuck is Krystal doing here? She hates me, and her and Taehyung haven’t spoken in weeks. But Tae didn’t say or do anything to stop her. I rolled my eyes. He was still whipped.Even when she cheated on him, he wouldn’t hear a bad word against her.
As I stepped forward to unlock the door, Krystal took the opportunity to take my place next to Taehyung. I heard her giggle at something and rolled my eyes. It’s not too late to turn back y/n.
But before I could even comprehend what I was doing, I was inside. The memories of yesterday came flooding back. All the boys were sat there, strangely quiet. I saw the back of Yoongi’s head and took a deep breath, before making a beeline to the kitchen.
I felt sick, and needed some cool water. I vaguely waved to them as I walked past. They wouldn’t miss me for a few minutes- I’m sure Krystal and Suzy could distract them for that long. Especially in those outfits.
I shuddered as I felt the water travel down my throat, the coolness bringing me some relief. “Y/n?” a gentle voice spoke out. It was Hoseok, looking concerned. “Are you OK?” I gave him a small smile and a nod. That question was slowly becoming meaningless to me.
“Why is Krystal here?” he whispered. I shrugged. “I don’t know”, I whispered back. “She was stood outside with Suzy when we got here.”
I was hurt, but also expecting the fact that it wouldn’t be Yoongi to come after me, to see how I was doing.
But needless to say, I was grateful for Hoseok. “Namjoon has the tickets. We’ll do this quickly, so you can get it out the way. And remember, whatever happens between you and Yoongi, you’re not gonna lose our friendship.”
“I know”, I smiled. “I’m sorry for getting angry at you guys yester-”
“-Hey”, he cut me off, pretending to scold me. “Don’t apologise. We were in the wrong too. Now let’s go.” I took one more deep breath to calm myself, before I followed Hoseok out of the kitchen back into the room.
He knew better then to hug me or hold my hand, because if Yoongi saw, he would flip.
“Y/n. Yoongi spoke, but he didn’t get up. “How are you?” I nodded and gave him a thumbs up, my face blank. Suzy was getting really comfortable next to him, and Krystal was all over Taehyung, who refused to look at me.
Jungkook was ignoring them both as he gave me a little wave. I waved back smiling, so he knew I wasn’t mad at him. Jimin sat up, his earphones in, giving me and Hoseok enough space to fit. I sat in between the two. I was cramped, but comfortable at the same time.
They were all chatting away about something meaningless. And by all, I mean Jin, who was trying to keep the mood light, the two girls, Yoongi and Tae. I stared at the floor, wanting to drown out this incessant noise.
“Sorry”, Hoseok whispered. “Park opens at 11 right?” I nodded. “Looks like Jin wants to take his time.” I tried not to seem annoyed as I nodded, taking out my phone and earphones. I looked up to find Yoongi staring questioningly at me and Hoseok. Instead of clarifying, I looked down at my phone.
I don’t have to tell you shit, Min Yoongi.
“How were your parents?”, he asked me suddenly. Everyone who was talking stopped to look at him, then me. I looked him dead in the eye, because he knew that when I was lying, I didn’t make eye contact. “They were fine.” I tried not to sound cold. Lord knows if I succeeded.
I maintained the eye contact for a couple more seconds before looking back down at my phone, and plugging in my life-saving earphones. I didn’t look at Jimin but I felt him laughing next to me, his shoulders shaking.
I looked at him questioningly, thinking he was laughing at me. But no, the idiot was watching some funny video. I wish I could drown everything out just as well as him.
As I put in an ear bud, Jungkook cleared his throat, making me look at him. He was sat with Namjoon, who was looking at the five people chatting away in front of me, but not joining in. He looked bored.
“Y/n”, Jungkook said quietly. It was quiet enough not to disturb the other conversation, but loud enough for Yoongi to turn his attention back to me. I ignored his gaze as I replied to Jungkook. “Yeah?”
He looked so uncertain of himself that I asked again, a bit more gently. “What is it?”
“Are we still going to study later?” I laughed quietly. Is that all he wanted to ask? This boy, I swear.
“Duh”, I replied playfully. “We have exams from next week and I don’t get half my notes!” He grinned as I put in the other earbud. I didn’t actually have to stay and put myself through the torture of Yoongi’s very presence, but how was I supposed to leave now? Also, I was technically breaking up with him, so I suppose I had to be there.
But I really wasn’t expecting Krystal to make an appearance. I glanced at Taehyung. He was staring at her, hooked onto her every word. I let out a little sigh. I needed Tae by my side, and as great as he was to me, I knew no matter what Krystal did to him, she would always be his priority. Even before me. Even though she treated him like shit.
I tried not to get angry as the music blared from my earphones, I closed my eyes taking deep breaths, trying not to get annoyed at the situation. I’m not the type to crave attention, so I sat quietly, waiting for their damn conversation to be over.
Once I knew I was calm enough, I opened my eyes. Unsurprisingly, Yoongi’s eyes were on me, so I quickly looked away. I knew he wanted to ask me what the hell was wrong with me, but he wouldn’t do it in front of everyone.
When I averted my gaze, what I saw made my breath hitch in my throat. Krystal’s hand was slowly moving up and down Tae’s thigh. I discretely looked around. I couldn’t hear him, but I knew even Jin wasn’t talking anymore, as his lips weren’t moving.
Jimin was staring at Krystal in disgust. I hadn’t even noticed, but while I had my eyes closed, Jungkook had left the room. The boys clearly were not comfortable with this and I have to say, neither was I. I wasn’t jealous, but there’s a time and a place. The way Krystal smirked at me, I knew she was only doing it to get under my skin. But I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction.
I put the volume of my music down, to check if the conversation was dying down yet. I was just in time to hear the toxic words “Why is she always here? Bitch.” Suzy giggled. I pretended I hadn’t heard.
To my disappointment, Taehyung didn’t say a word to defend me. He just sat there tight-lipped, watching her hands. Yoongi didn’t say anything either, but I didn’t care about that. It was Jimin who spoke. He spoke quietly, thinking I still had the music on. “Who the fuck are you to call her a bitch?”
I felt a sudden love for Jimin as I bit back a smile. That wiped the smile off her face though. I made eye-contact with her, to find her glaring at me. I took out the earphones out. my face painted in fake confusion. “You OK?” I asked her. She didn’t stop glaring. “I was wondering why you were here, that’s all.”
I stared at her like she was stupid. “Er...I’m hanging out with my friends?” Is she really that dumb? “This is clearly a gathering for people who matter”, she retorted.
What the fuck? I mean, I knew she didn’t like me because I was always with Taehyung, but they weren't even together any more. Not to mention, her retort didn’t make much sense. I looked at Taehyung. He had never looked so uncomfortable in his life.
“So, why are you here then?”, Namjoon retorted. Krystal didn’t even answer him, seeing as she had no answer. “Pathetic. Can’t even stand up for yourself.” Hoseok and Jimin had both tensed on either side of me. And I didn’t even look at Yoongi.
I was fuming. I let out a huff of annoyance. Who the fuck did she think she was? She wasn’t even invited in the first place. I turned to Hoseok. “I’m gonna go check on Kookie. You know, seeing as I don’t matter.”
He gave a small smile of relief, probably at the fact that I wasn’t going to rip this bitch to threads. But she wasn’t worth the effort. I would talk to Jungkook to calm myself down, then leave. The guys could deal with Yoongi for me.
I got up and gave Jin, Jimin and Namjoon a slight nod before making my way up the stairs. Krystal must have done something behind my back, because I heard Suzy giggle again.
I knocked on Jungkook’s door before going in. He was sat at his desk, as expected. “Y/n.” He was surprised to see me. “Kook-meister”, I smiled. “Why did you leave?”
He grinned sheepishly. “They annoy me.” He was referring to tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee. “I’m guessing that’s why you left too.” I grinned. “Obviously.”
I filled him in on all the events of downstairs that he had missed. The way I imitated her and Suzy had him literally on the floor, laughing. He wiped at the tears. “Stop!”, he wheezed. “They’ll hear!”
“I don’t give a shit”, I laughed. I sat on his bed, legs crossed, trying not to wet myself. He stood up and rolled his sweatpants up as high as they would go, to resemble shorts, and made his neckline go even deeper by hooking a finger on and dragging in downwards. He then started to imitate the way Krystal walked.
I was screaming, literally screaming with laughter. “Oh my God, you nailed it!” I managed to get out as I was doubled up laughing. He pretended like I was Taehyung. “Oooh Tae tae!” he trilled in a high-pitched voice. I couldn’t breathe at this point. I mean, Jungkook was funny, but I’d never seen this side to him.
Suddenly the door burst open, and Hoseok, Jimin and Namjoon walked in. When they saw Jungkook, and my red, tears-streaked face, they all started laughing too. “You lot get bored?” I grinned.
“You sounded like you were having a lot more fun”, Hoseok chuckled. He looked at Jungkook. “I didn’t know Krystal had a twin.”
“Oh man.” I collapsed backwards on Jungkook’s bed, properly exhausted from all that laughter. “Thanks Jungkook.”
“Anytime”, he grinned. “What are they all doing down there?” I asked the rest of them. They had all sat down in various places. Me, Jungkook and Jimin on the bed, Hoseok on a beanbag, and Namjoon in Jungkook’s desk chair.
“Jin gave him the two tickets, he mentioned they were from you, and then he went to the kitchen. So we left the two couples alone.” I didn’t want to think of Taehyung and Krystal as a couple. Not again.
Yoongi’s POV
Yoongi smiled when Jin presented him with two tickets. The smile faltered a little when Jin said “It’s from y/n.”.
“So why isn’t she giving it to me?”
Jin didn’t even break a sweat at the question. “Well they’re for 11. Today. And I don’t know when she’s coming back down, so I thought I’d give you them. We were all in on the surprise after all.”
Yoongi assumed by ‘we’ he meant everyone except Suzy and Krystal. Why the hell is Krystal here anyway? She had been nothing but a bitch to y/n, but Yoongi stayed quiet. Krysal was Suzy’s best friend, and he didn’t want to say or do anything that would piss Suzy off in front of y/n.
That was too risky. He could here the sound of laughter from upstairs and internally grimaced. What the hell are they doing up there?
Jin said, “Seeing as you two visited, I’ll see if I can fix something up”, he gave the girls a warm smile, which they didn’t even acknowledge. Yoongi sighed. Jin was good at acting. Too good.
He just wanted an excuse to get out of there. Namjoon, Jimin and Hoseok didn’t even bother with an excuse- they just upped and left. Soon after, he could hear the sounds of the three boys laughing too, and it angered him.
He waited five more minutes before deciding that that he and y/n needed to talk. Now. So grasping the tickets, he got up too. Taehyung looked at him pleadingly, as if to say ‘ Please don’t leave me alone with them’, but Yoongi just muttered “I’ll be right back.”
Taehyung’s POV
Where the hell is he going?!
Taehyung watched in dismay as Yoongi walked off, leaving him between the two girls. Oh shit, he’s probably gone to talk to y/n.
“Why the hell are you two always together?” Krystal asked suddenly. Why is she bringing this up again?
“We’re best friends”, Taehyung replied. He was trying not to even look in the girls direction. He used to love her,and just by looking at her, all those feelings resurfaced. Just when he had moved on, with the help of his friends, the people who actually cared about him, she had turned up again.
He still had suppressed feelings for her, but he knew better not to get attached. Besides..y/n..
Krystal was just a pretty face, Taehyung knew that. Her personality was toxic. But still, he didn’t stand up for y/n when Krystal snapped at her like that. He felt like a terrible friend.
“Can’t you just see she’s an attention whore?” She snorted. “She has no other ‘friends’ except you. The guys probably talk to her because they feel sorry for her.”
Taehyung glanced at Suzy, who was lazily scrolling through her phone. “That’s not true”, he spoke quietly. “We all care about her. And she doesn’t need anyone else.”
There was silence. Then Taehyung continued, even quieter. “Besides, why do you care who I hang out with? We’re not together.”
He thought his words would have some impact, but no such luck. Krystal just smiled seductively. “Well, we can change that.” She wants me back?
Suddenly her lips were on his and he sighed at the feeling. It had been so long. Too long. He revelled in the familiar feeling. If Suzy saw them, she made no indication of it. As Krystal deepened the kiss, Taehyung heard footsteps, but he was too late.
“Hey, where did everybo-” Jin stopped dead at the sight before him. Taehyung pulled away, gasping for breath. His lips felt swollen from the intensity of the kiss.
“Jin hyung”, he panted, not knowing what to say. Jin just shook his head, and walked in the direction of the stairs. Jin went really quiet when something upset him, so Taehyung knew he had fucked up, big time.
He scrambled up off the sofa, to go after Jin, but before he did, he turned to face the two girls. This day really hadn’t gone as planned. “Maybe you guys should go.”
“But I wanna go to the amusement park!” Suzy whined. “And me”, Krytsl added. Taehyung stared. “If hyung decides to go, I’m sure he’ll come pick you up.” He couldn’t be more direct. Thankfully, the girls took the hint, and started to leave. He could hear muffled shouting, and he honestly it might be because of what he did.
Taehyung didn’t wait for them to go, as he whirled around and went after Jin. Please don’t tell anyone Jin.
Y/n’s POV
We were just chatting away, having a nice time, making the best out of a bad situation, when he unexpectedly burst in. All at once, we stopped. “Yoongi?” Namjoon questioned.
I sat up, as I was still on my back when he came in.
Yoongi ignored the boy completely, as his dark eyes stared at me. I stared back, unable to look away.
“Y/n. Can we talk?” I gulped, but stayed where I was. There was only one answer he wanted to that question, so I stayed quiet. He already looked pissed. I glanced down. Sure enough, in his hand, were the stupid tickets.
“Why can’t you just talk here?” Jimin piped up. Yoongi tore his gaze from me to give him a death glare. “You ever heard of privacy?”, he snapped. Jimin stayed quiet- he knew better than to reply. I sighed, as I hoisted myself up off the bed.
“Y/n...”, Jungkook sounded worried. I just smiled at him, to let him know I was OK.
Yoongi grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of Jungkook’s room. His own room was two doors down, and when we were both in, he slammed the door shut, making me flinch.
“What the fuck is going on?”, he demanded. “You’ve been acting weird all day!”
“I-what? How have I been acting weird?”
He scoffed. “Don’t play innocent with me.” HE’S telling me not to play innocent? That’s rich.
“You haven’t said a word to me and you’re refusing to even look at me. And THESE”, he held up the two tickets.
“What about them? They’re your birthday present.” I was trying so hard not to scream at him for still acting like he wasn’t in the wrong. Not to scream at him for breaking me the way he did. But I stayed calm.
“So why was Jin giving them to me if they’re from you?” He was speaking dangerously quietly. “Technically they’re from all of us, so anyone could give them to you.”
“But there’s only two tickets!” He must have assumed that meant one ticket for him, and one for me. “No. There’s eight. One for all of you.”
“And who the fuck is ‘all of you?” He stepped forward threateningly, clearly getting very annoyed with the vagueness of my responses. I stepped back, and my back hit the door.
“You”, I listed, “Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok, Jimin, Tae, Jungkook”, my voice was getting quieter and quieter. The tears came at the last name on the list. “And Suzy.”
He paled at that last name. “W-what?”
I repeated his words from earlier, “Don’t play innocent with me.”
“Who told you?”, he murmured, placing the tickets down. “Was it Taehyung?” THAT’S his main worry?
I shook my head. “I came round yesterday to surprise you”, I mumbled. “I heard everything.”
His mouth fell open at the bluntness of my explanation. His perfect features were contorted in a mix of guilt and worry. “Y/n, babe. It’s not like that. I-i promise. I love you.”
Despite how upset I was, I gave a sharp laugh at his statement. Did he think I was stupid?
He stepped forward once more, and I grasped at the door handle. I didn’t want to see him or talk to him, or I would cave. “No!”, he shouted, lunging forward to stop me. “Please don’t go, y/n please! Just listen to me!” he shouted. I was sure the boys could hear this.
“I don’t want to listen. I hate myself more than I hate you, because I was stupid enough to believe you loved me!” I cried. I was hurt and embarrassed. My boyfriend had been sleeping with my room-mate. And had I not visited yesterday, would have been none the wiser.
“I do! I do love you GOD DAMN IT!” he bellowed, making me stop struggling for a second. “Now will you please listen?” His eyes were glinting maliciously, and I froze. I knew what was coming next. The violent, illogical side of Yoongi.
“Unless you’d rather go fuck Taehyung”, he growled, all evidence of guilt gone.
I pushed him away. “How fucking dare you?!” I cried in disbelief. “Don’t judge me by your low ass standards!”
He didn’t waver. “I know you and him spent the night together. He grasped my shoulders and forcefully hit me against the door, making me groan. “What the hell were you doing with him?”
“Let go of me Yoongi!” I yelled. Suddenly I was sharply pushed forward, landing on my hands and knees as Yoongi was pulled away from me. I watched in horror as someone hit him, and he fell to the floor next to me, winded from the impact of the blow.
Oh my god.
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