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We can all agree that food brings people together in a positive way. Whether you're dining with your family or the love of your life, it's something extremely specially about engaging in a meal together. Eating in is just as romantic as eating out, but having someone ask you if you're hungry is simply the icing on the cake. Just to know that they care about your well being, shows a certain level of compassion.

Do you agree with the above statement?

Awww! I can totally relate. I think that's one of the sweetest things a guy can do @danidee
One of my boyfriends would always text me to ask if I got home safely and at first it felt like he was being a nagging parent, but then I felt really touched by the concern.
That would make me melt too. I think that's definitely a very sweet and concerning question to ask @EasternShell
What can I do to make your day better? After a long day...I would melt because he actually listened to my feelings ( which can be hard to express).
lol jealous!!! that's how it should be. lucky gal! @alywoah
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