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Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 2. So this is a new program to me and I'll be trying it out for the next 8 months. Since I love food my excuse to bulk is to just eat anything and everything. This time around I'm going to try the clean bulk approach with intermittent fasting. I'll try to add on muscle mass but also trying to stay lean. I don't really consider it a clean bulk because I don't eat clean. I usually post all my food on my Snapchat so if you want to see what I really eat in real time, add me: AcegenLLC Day 1 I started at 156 lbs and today I'm 154.6 lbs. Isn't it funny that when I try to lose weight I gain it, but when I'm trying to gain weight I lose it? For more information about the Superhero Bulking Program check out http://udskambulk.xyz