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Hello Nakama!

Day 11 of the Nakama Campfire Challenge!

It's time to unexpectedly break out the box of tissues as this one is all about the anime that brought a tear to your eyes without you expecting it. The anime for me is Fairy Tail. I didn't know what to expect going into the anime. I knew it would be fun, exciting and give me few laughs but I didn't expect the emotion it gave me.

I'll give you a small example of what I mean.

This next section has Fairy Tail Spoilers so be prepared!

As I was saying, I didn't expect to make Fairy Tail to make me cry. Right at the end of season one comes a scene in which Laxus, the guild masters grandson, gets expelled from Fairy Tail for endangering his comrades in a Fairy Tail battle royal throughout the city. This isn't really the scene that got me though. The scene that got me was the very touching scene in which all of the Fairy Tail members including the guild master, Makarov, throws up the L symbol Laxus did as a kid; showing that even though what he did was wrong he will always be part of the Fairy Tail family.

So nice and very touching.

This is just one of many examples Fairy Tail put a tear in my eye catching me off guard.

What anime through you off? Did an anime you thought would be sad not make you cry?

Make your own card and let everyone know!

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@AshChrimson this was a tough one to keep down @OtakuDemon10 love it πŸ‘†
i did cry