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Since @nicolejb started the MBTI, I've been relatively happy. I have no intellectual and self-aware friends (lol) so I finally have somewhere that I'm not given weird looks for enjoying this stuff haha So thank you, Miss Nicole haha This particular picture caught my eye, because it's completely true. For me, at least lol I'm curious if it's the same for you guys! @Alcides13 @mchlyang @nicolejb @AkashBhojraj @ebonyheart @InVinsybll @DavidPap @jumbled2 @TomasOlivares @danidee @MzDawson31508 @EasternShell @buddyesd @AnimeLove300 @VeronicaArtino @DavidPatrick16 @Theearliestbird @EliseB @marshalledgar @TessStevens @ChriSingularis @AdamDean @thefeels @BeannachtOraibh @fikaocs @AprilMorales @MegEliza @Eclare @petname83 @Swhitta @RosaArgueta @BryonRay @kimdongin5
I suppose I should introduce myself since I'm tagging a lot of people I don't know and don't communicate with. My name is "Brandon", my coworkers refer to me as "dong" or "Brandong" or "Luscious" haha (Interesting stories. Not really XD) I am an INTJ. I am 20, Sept. 4th is the official day. Graduated class of '13! For fun, I sometimes watch anime. I sometimes read. But mostly, I go to school then I go to work then I go home then I do homework then I play league until 3-4 A.M. then I wake up at 8 and repeat! My weekends usually involve working and homework too lol I'm quite inconsistent with my uploads on here, but I do creep in often haha I have a best friend and a soul mate and a mother, all of whom I'm incredibly close to. I'm always here in case anybody needs to vent or wants advice or a different perspective. Any conversation, unless otherwise specified, is exclusive and will be conducted from as unbiased a standpoint as I possibly can. I think there are too many people alive for anybody to ever feel alone. ^.^
Accepting but judgmental??? What does that mean??
@Arellano1052 it helps your memory when someone else does the actual remembering 😁😁😁
@buddyesd lolol Smart guy
I'll wait til @nicolejb does another card lol
@buddyesd you're a ENFJ, ENFP or INFP haha I don't know which, and I don't have a good enough internet connection to find out lol
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