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first I'll start off by saying that was the most amazing experience ever!!!! the hi-touch was rushed and so was the picture but besides that it was beyond amazing!!!! Loco seriously was out to kill me last night and I went there with Jay as a main focus and left with a new bae (Tim) and loving Simon and Loco even more(videos will be uploaded on pt 2 I have a lot!!! and I have sexy jay dancing his sexy mommae dance shirtless so life is complete)
anyways first after spending the whole time waiting while beautiful Tim entertained us , the show was starting and the sexiest man ever came to the stage....Simon D. I knew that man was sexy but not that sexy damn is he beautiful in person and during hi-touch his hands were soo soft and the look he gave me I was like boy chill I don't need this in my life he's just too much for words and when I say he killed it ...I mean he fucking killed it!!!! excuse my French but damn he seriously blew me away he literally shit on everyone's whole life and then some (pictures didn't come out too good since I took them while recording the videos but honey I have a lot!! of Simon videos because he's too sexy for his own good)
next we have gray ....let me tell you once I got to jay for the meet and greet I was dead but gray.....he looked soo damn perfect and beautiful and ughhhh he's to much I could barely talk so a simple thank you so much had to suffice since we were rushed anyway but gray he's perfect and let me tell you this man here stayed on our side of the stage 99.9 percent of the time and I have soo many beautiful videos that I can't wait to share ughhhh gray I see you man I see you
next is loco....where do I even start the moment I saw him while we were waiting to take the picture my heart dropped his smile is soo damn adorable and idk I just felt like it was love at first sight...then time for the picture and guess who I was next to ....Loco!!!!! I was between loco and Simon and what's crazy is we picked our spots and something in my heart just told me to go straight to him so I did and we just kept looking at each other and I'm like loco I see you...you see me is this real life!!! then after the picture was had to line up again to do the hi-touch and after I went down. the line loco was last and he was smiling so damn hard and we just both kept staring at each other and I couldn't stop smiling and he was holding my hand and it's like time froze when I got to him and he's like thank you so much and we just kept staring and I kid you not he gave me this look ...ughhhh I died and we literally kept staring at each other when I had to walk away to line up again and I'm telling you that point on he stayed in front of me the whole show basically and that man is beyond adorable!!! and ughhhh idk like he makes me reconsider my whole life he kept smiling at me during the show and pointed to me a million times and I felt like it was just me and him sounds corny as hell but that man really made me feel like I did when I saw jiyong like loco is seriously ruining everything right now
now we have the cutest dj ever and I kid you not one of my main reasons for coming!!! I feel like poor pumpkin is so under appreciated, but he is soo sweet and I just love him soo much seriously how could anyone not love him during the meet and greet he was the first in line and he was so sincere and soo cute and just killed me with his cuteness
Finally we have the sexiest ceo on the planet!!! Jay Park !!! let me tell you I had a plan to be near him for the picture and to go for him but nope that was ruined by loco bit anyways lol he is soo sweet and soo tiny lol he's like a little pocket sized sexy man his hand heaven as soon as I got to him during the M&G he just looked right in my eyes and was soo sincere and you can tell he really appreciated us and I couldn't get words out at first but I made sure I thanked him for everything and the told him I loved him but from that moment my heart was going crazy but let me tell you when that man came out the screams were insane and he's just soo perfect and so damn sexy them tattoothe only downside was that all the girls who don't know how to respect space nearly crushed us in the front but it's okay because I enjoyed jay and got soo many sexy jay videos with the battery life I got and my phone must know what's real because every shirtless jay pic was perfect
then jay surprised us with some houston rapper I've sadly never heard of but he killed it!!! I was like damn okay he did his Thing while little tiny jay danced around
FANGIRLING SO HARD AND LOCO OMF GET MARRIED like this could be a drama what if man
@PassTheSuga I know!!! he was killing me he's so tiny and cute I hate Him and had to update again because I forgot to add the pics of Simon lurking πŸ˜‚
@Jiyongixoxo I'm cursing Vingle right now for blocking a bunch of your pics.....like WTF Vingle?? Get your ish together.....shirtless Jay is crucial to keeping my eyesight healthy πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
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