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One of the beautiful pleasantries of having a significant other is growing old with them. While nobody looks forward to grey hair and losing the ability to walk, if you're doing those things with the one you love -- it's worth every second.
They say, two is better than one and in this case it definitely holds so much truth.
Growing old can be emotional, knowing that your life is slowly, but surely winding down. There's beauty in growth and the video below shows just how beautiful it is to get up in age with your sweetheart.
Love knows no age. Keep scrolling to see three young couples transform into their future elderly selves. Oh, and you'll definitely need a box of Kleenex. The level of emotions is pretty high.

Are you looking forward to growing old with that special someone?

awww that's so sweet!!!! growing old with someone is extremely beautiful @TurtleyTurtles
How sweet! I will grow old with the boyfriend I have now. We've been together 5 years this month, and we're still going strong as ever. We're both hitting the big 30 this September... We're already growing old! Lol.