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I'm not saying all Youngjae stans are salty but dang this comeback is bringing out your bad sides.
Like why do I have to go threw every music video of GOT7 FLY live and see this???
Seriously this is one comeback. Yes Youngjae didn't get enough screen time but come on this song is more for the Rapper Line then anything let them shine!!! If it makes you feel any better Youngjae got more screen time in other comebacks and some other members probably didn't so stop whinging because your bias might not always get the time of day and thats just how it is! Also why so much hate on the cameraman he is just doing his job...seriously no need to throw shade on him or wish him death for crying out loud it just a one video! He does justice in the fancams! And once again its not all Youngjae stans, its just some out there who think that he is entitled to get all the screen time in the world and if he doesn't they go crazy.
Im sure that Youngjae would rather see nice compliments of his line that he did which by the way he slayed. Am I not seeing something that Youngjae stans see, that makes some of them act this way?

Sorry about the rant but I need to let it out, Also what do you guys think?

I understand what they're getting at, it would be nothing but fair for them all get equal camera time. But it would be weird and confusing lol like you said, it was a rap focused song, it only makes sense to highlight that during the performances.
I'll admit I'm a little salty. I didn't expect him to get a lot of screen time in the mv but not even a good part in the follow-me style dance practice? OKAY. But I agree. He would want us to praise his screen time he had than be upset it was not longer. SUNjae is my bias to hell and back and I'm gonna love him regardless of how much time he gets on camera.
Yeah, he's a beautiful being but I agree it leaned more towards the rapper line. And I'm just an Adobo spice from Puerto Rico so just salt doesn't cut it. lol
@CreeTheOtaku lol thats too funny 馃槀馃槀馃憣 @MorganElisabeth I though the Fly high ver dance practice gave him good close ups during his parts. Unless thats not what your talking about what you say follow me style dance practice. And don't even get me started on the music video lol I get the pain because with those zoom outs I could barely tell what was happening 馃槀馃槀
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