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For me it was Akame ga Kill right from the 1st episode... Like that sweet little girl seemed so concerned and then bam her and her family are bunch of psychos.. Especially the mom who liked to infect people with diseases just to see how they'd react and then not only kept a journal on it but kept the bodies as some sort souvenir.... And the Night Raid comes killing them all... It went 0 to 100 real quick....
It was a good anime even though practically everyone got killed...I wish another season comes out... @InVinsybll @gabemartin @AimeBolanos @hikaymm @AtisutoMeru @tbell2
duuude this is why I got so hooked on Akame ga Kill. Is starts out so explosively with that creepy ass family killing two people we thought might be significant. It's a good setting up for the rest of the series
loved this anime but to much death for me
same, but I guess that's what the Manga is for! I gotta get on that...