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If you've invested in a few of Kylie's lippies recently, you might want to double check your account. Unfortunately, several buyers have complained about several misfortunate events while purchasing off the site including seeing other peoples login information and posting your actual account information.
Talk about super unprofessional. It took several tweets from angry consumers before Kylie even issued out a genuine apology and we still don't know if it was genuine or not.
While she's making millions, several people are at risk of having their money stolen because she didn't make sure the site she sold her products from was safe and reliable. It looks like Miss Kylie will be losing some sales until she gets her site together.
Security breaching is never cool. In today's society, nobody can risk to lose money. I guess we can't put all the blame on Kylie, but let's just hope she gets things under control before it's too late. Keep scrolling to see a few tweets via upset fans and the woman behind the lip kit herself.

Thoughts and comments?

Do you think Kylie should apologize?
she told the truth though..she takes her business seriously.. not anyone else just hers
welcome to the rich mentality ladies and gentlemen... population: 3 that's me myself and I
She's acting her age. Im shocked the site wasn't put together more professionally. eeeek
This is not cool at all. People are going to stop ordering. I know I sure would.
Woah. That's not good. I remember when all that shit went down with Lime Crime. It became a huge thing in the cosmetics industry.
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