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Blue Exorcist is one of my favorite anime so far because of all it's characters and plot! But I have to be completely honest this anime caught me off guard! When I first saw this anime I first thought, Oh wow it's going to be an action packed crazy cool anime woth super cool fighting scenes and stuff. This Anime had me balling my eyes out by the second episode!! Rin and his twin brother Yukio were born half demon half human and not just any demon but Satan himself. Shiro Fujimoto an Exorcist expert took them in as his kids because their mom died soon after she had given birth. Shiro had to control Rin's demon powers with a special demon sword to help hide him from Satan. Shiro raised two amazing young boys and I couldn't have been any happier to know that he loved them as his own. Now teenager's Rin and Yukio were doing their own thing until Rin's demon powers awoke helping Satan find Rin and try to take him to the demon world. Shiro had a very strong will power until Rin hurt his feeling by saying he wasn't his father. Because that broke Shiro's will power Satan was able to posses him and Shiro ended up killing himself before Satan could take Rin and his final words were what killed me the most. I was very sad to see how much Rin's life had to changed let alone watch the man who raised him die right in front of him. Shiro was an amazing Dad even when he knew Rin was different (spawn lf Satan) and something he would fight against he loved Rin very much and to me that was the most heart warming thing that I loved in this anime. Shiro's death made me cry so much I was surprised how off guard I was. More into the Anime as well made me cry like when Rin helps Shiro's pet demon Kiro accept the fact that Shiro had died. It was so heart breaking to see how much people and that cat loved him. I will foreber cry for this anime whether I just remembered the scene or re-watch the anime itself. Im crying right now as I am writing this! Blue Exorcist was an amazing anime that Caught me Off Guard and I hope you guys got caught off guard too.
I feel you! Shiro basically biting the bullet in the beginning was a real surprise for the series, didn't think it would start off so heavily
@InVinsybll Seriously I've never cried so early on in an anime before until I saw this one (Even Your Lie in April didn't make me cry so fast)
not gonna lie great anime I didn't like Yukio though.
yona of the dawn
World God Only Knows most definitely caught me off guard. holy crap. I have never seen a unisex anime before. Not only that, but I rarely get to see male characters get so emotional.
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