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You've Been Dared!

It's time for another dare!

I'll share mine first: What is everyone in the community doing for Civil War? Are you going to see the movie with friends? Opening night? Do you plan on seeing it a million times in the first weekend? ARE YOU GONNA COSPLAY?! Let's chat about our plans ^_^

You've been dared!

+If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared.
+Repost with your favorite character
+Tag 5 more people
+Begin world domination
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NOT AGAIN @Shannonl5
2 years agoReply
@arnelli FOREVER
2 years agoReply
What if I don't have a fave? Why must life be so hard?? 馃槚
2 years agoReply
2 years agoReply
@MishiiYukiko haha you can do more than one!
2 years agoReply