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So...I came back from my month long trip and it was absolutely perfect. Honestly, I could see myself living there some day... Anyways, while I was there, I went cafe here's some pictures :)
Here's some pictures of Yesung's MouseRabbit Cafe... :)
Here's some of the foods I ordered... *If you're going...I highly recommend the green tea frapp, the mocha frapp, and the mango ice...gosh his drinks were to die for (>.<) So...Funny story was about my 7th or 8th visit to the cafe and it was the first time I was getting take out since I had to go back to the hospital. I got my food and left. Later, I got a twitter update from Yesung and it broke my already broken heart (becuase of'll see later). He took a picture in his cafe...where I had sat down while waiting for take out...based on the time slot...he must have come in only minutes after I had left... *insert me slowly dying on the inside*...the worst part is that it turned out that I didn't need to go back to the hospital
Now for my UB's cafe...Kyuhyun's MOM House :)
And some of the food I favorite was their cute tiramisu cake :) I couldn't go as often since it was all the way in Myeongdong and I was in Jamsillaru in AMC. (Yesung's cafe was about 3 stops away so I couldn't help but go) Special guest star...the merchandise I bought at his that blanket is so fluffy (>.<)
Here is the lovely Donghae's restaurant, Grill5Taco...his Seoul Fries were to die for (>.<) I don't have that many pictures becuase I couldn't stop by as often... Funny story...the first time I went, I was waiting for my food. Now, I don't speak a word of Korean so I didn't fully understand what was going on when girls ran out and started to scream. It wasn't until someone screamed Donghae that I rushed out...sadly, he had already driven away...sigh :(
SMTOWN has a store in the Coex Mall and it has a cafe, I believe, in the 2nd or 3rd floor. I got the Super Junior tea...but they also had some macaroons, ice cream, popcorn, etc. It was, Kyuhyun!! Special guest star...SJ goodies ^^, another funny story...first day I went, I saw a group of girls waiting outside the door. Me, being completely out of it, just went off into the store. I found out later that Ryeowook was coming in for concert practice...sigh...I honestly have some bad luck... (Also, Kyuhyun came the next day heart...just died...)
Special Cafe Guest Star...Big Bang's Seungri's And.Here Cafe!! :)
Ahh, so, just a warning for you fellow people...the first cafe I tried to go to was Kona is, sadly, closed. I searched for over an hour until a store clerk finally told me it had suddenly shut down. There's not a lot of news about this, so, just letting you guys know... *Let me know if you guys want to be tagged :)
that was awesome the more i look at korea the more i have strength to finish school early and study korea japanese Chinese and audition for kpop star and be in yg 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀hope uou had fun and if i saw ryeowook or kyuhyun i would have not even like not GORL I NOT
@aliendestina Korea misses you too (/.\)
Thank you for sharing thsi with us :D
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