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Because representation matters!

Latinos make up 17% of the U.S. population and account for 32% of frequent moviegoers, yet we rarely see positive (or ANY) representations of this group on film! I bet all of us here could name more negative stereotypes about Latino people than positive media role models (but let's do ourselves a favor and just... not). Though we still have a long way to go, let's celebrate some of the awesome characters we get to watch on tv this year!!!

Mariana (The Fosters)

From her awesome coding skills to her dedication to the dance team, Mariana's so much fun to watch! Her boy struggles and sibling disagreements are so relatable, but what really makes her awesome is how she deals with it all! She makes sincere apologies when she messes up, and always works to make amends. I wish I had her confidence- and compassion!

You can catch up with her and the most recent season of The Fosters on Hulu.

Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago

These two characters are totally badass in completely different ways. Rosa is fearless and weird, while Amy is super clever and straight-laced. And it's impossible not to smile when they're on screen!

The season 3 finale of Brooklyn Nine Nine is airing tonight!

Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres is an incredible actress- whenever she's onscreen you really can't tear your eyes away. She was the perfect choice for Jessica Pearson. Confident, in charge, and absolutely without equal. She's had some vulnerable moments in recent seasons, and no matter what you find yourself rooting for her!

Catch up with season 5 of Suits, which wrapped up in March!

Jane Villanueva

Goofballs all over will relate to Jane. Even though some of her struggles seem larger-than-life, ultimately Jane brings it down to earth and focuses on what matters. She wants to be a writer, she wants to be a good mother, and she wants to support the people she loves.

The second season finale of Jane the Virgin will air next week!

Dayanara Diaz

No spoilers, but the last season of Orange is the New Black was rough on Daya. She's made some tough choices, but ultimately Daya's been about doing the right thing and she deserves a lot of respect for that.

Orange is the New Black is returning to Netflix for season 4 on June 17th!

Let's celebrate!

Who were you most excited to see this year? Were there any you missed? Were there any that *I* missed? Let's talk about our favorite characters!
JESSICA PEARSON GOD, She is everything. So much power in that character! I loved this card, and representation does matter. Positive, powerful, beautiful representation!
Yessss. I love all of them. Dayanara Diaz in OITNB is seriously one of my favorite characters. I can't wait for the new season.
@TessStevens I admire her so much! She's got so much integrity