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{NC} anime that caught me off guard
My little monster definitely caught me unawares. Here's a story for you. So I was watching naruto on Netflix a lot and after each episode I kept seeing a preview for my little monster. The description made it sound really enticing and until I actually checked it out I didn't know what to expect.
I never expected to fall in love with this series and its characters as much as I did. I love haru, shizuku, Natsume and sasayan so much and I love their relationships to each other and it gave me so many feels especially after I binge watched the anime and then read all of the Manga. It really caught me off guard but it was definitely a great thing.
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@LadyL yes! Do it for sure it will not disappoint I'm not even scared to admit that I was squealing at every romantic moment between haru and shizuku lol
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Pffft.. i squealed at all their cute moments in the anime shame girl! xD ok ill definitely read the manga haha
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@LadyL I'm a dude lol but that's cool
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oops lmao my bad.. i didnt pay too much attn to your name..i glanced and thought girl.. >_<
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@LadyL it's all good lol I've been called worse things
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