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I know this is late, but......It's been 3 years since ASC began. I haven't watched it for that long, but since I started watching it, I really enjoy the show!
I couldn't find many pictures from the show, but my favorite host is Eric Nam. Speaking of which, it's sad that he's not gonna be on the show anymore 😞 Jimin, she's more serious, Kevin.... Well.... He's just a goofball... Lol. So many groups have been on the show from BTS to a lot of Rookie groups as well. I hope the show continues for many more years!!! If you haven't watched ASC yet, it comes on every Monday night on at around 10 p.m. central time (my time in the US). You can also watch previous episodes on YouTube on the arirang YouTube channel! Follow them on Twitter @arirang_ASC to find out every Wednesday what group is coming on the show the following week!
Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASC!!!! Saranghae!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #SWANGEL!!!!!
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I was almost crying because its his last day hosting