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Hey Guys, I'm really excited @jordanhamilton joined me as fashion community staff and we thought it'll be a great idea to create a fashion directory of the places we like to shop! So, here's our question:

Where is everyone's favorite online shop for clothes, accessories or shoes?

Tagging some fashion buddies! Let me know if you want to be removed or added on future fashion related cards! :) Thank you! @waanderer @petname83 @MAYRARUIZ1 @stephosorio @marshalledgar @lilelmo112 @sugarysweet @angella86 @LoiseMwangi @Lushisushi @adelinlin @Angelina1 @annamolly @tessstevens
If I shop online I'll get stuff from (if you like really cute stuff) SpreePicky RomWe MissyKorea H&M My style is varied out so I buy from these places. ❀❀ I recommend them πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Runway Bandits, Zara, Topshop and Luulla (when Im running out of budget XDD)
I am a huge online shopaholic !!! Nastygal, Urban outfitters, Zara, Shopbop :-)
I love H&m ! so sad im moving where there isn't any
Mostly I have to buy in store because of my proportions. I'm smaller in the waist than I am everywhere else but I love looking online at The Kooples. They're my favorite British designer and their workwear is like....really cool I also love Mango!
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