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{NC} Anime That Caught Me off Guard, Day 11

Ya, I watched this to have a change of pace from the feelsy anime I was watching. But this ended up having many feels.

**Spoilers Ahead**

If you haven't watched all of Madoka Magica then there are some spoilers ahead.
So I watched Madoka Magica because of how cute it looked. I mean come on look at how adorable Qubee is.
But no, this is the real Qubee. Evil but looks cute so it can trick little girls into making a contract with it.

The Feels

I definitely wasn't expecting all the feels this anime had. I thought it was going to be a happy and fun anime but no they have to throw all these feels at me.
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@OtakuDemon10 I went into this with no warning and watched it to get away from feels. This did that exact opposite of what I wanted and was expecting
this was a super close 2nd for me, but my friend who introduced me to this one kinda warned me, so...
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