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Brothers Convince Sister That Zombie Apocalypse Was Happening

With shows like "The Walking Dead," and "Fear Of The Walking Dead" dominating television, it's clear that Zombies are one of the greatest fears of people across the globe.
Looking to pull off the ultimate prank against their little sister, two brothers convinced their sister that a zombie apocalypse was happening.
This may have been the funniest burn I have seen in years.
It all started with their sister getting her wisdom teeth pulled. They knew that once she was under, she wouldn't be able to verify what happened while she was under.
When she got in the car after the dentist appointment (in her defense, a bit drugged up still) the brothers queued up the zombie apocalypse by popping a fake news cast onto their SUV soundsystem.
Following the broadcast, they laid it on thick and she fell for the bait. She was asking for the guns, reflected on her Spanish and even demanded they leave the dog behind for the cat.

Isn't this the best prank you have seen in awhile?

I love this, its absolutely hilarious!!
She is going to kill them once she feels better, as this is all over the internet.
Wow. That was pretty funny
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