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thank you @amobigbang for tagging me.
the boys caught me and Taehyung in the back seat of their van. now when ever the boys see me and Taehyung they say "Make sure the back seat is clear for the two love birds." it's really embarrassing but for Taehyung he just smiles and agrees with the boys.
Jhope turns me out or on with his sexy dance moves.
Suga wanted to stay in and forget about the world. We watched movies and slept. Sleeping however wasn't what was on his mind. he made me sore for 2 days. Even though I can hardly walk it was worth spending time with him.
so Jungkook was out having fun with the boys. they took him to a club to celebrate him becoming an adult. I was home alone catching up on some dramas when there was a knock on my door. I got up to see who it was. it was probably my neighbor drunk aging forgetting where he lived. opening the door I see Jungkook. Before I could ask him what he need he leaned in for a kiss. I stepped back and he ended up kissing my chest. realizing that I didn't have a brand on I freaked out and took another step back. He feel on the floor face first. "What the hell? are you drunk?" I asked him. " yup and hyung dared me to kiss you." He said trying to stand up but failing. I looked outside when I heard laughing. sire enough the boys were laughing. "Hey Jungkook did you do it?" Jimin shouted in between his giggles. "I don't know how about you come and look" I said loud enough. I don't know if I heard right but I heard one of them say shit Nonna. I turned back around and helped Jungkook on the couch and left him there.
J-Hope proses to me with sour gummy worms. ever since then I am his wife and we share gummy worms.