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Okay loverlys! This little Oneshot is for @DropDeadKawaii who requested a Zelo short.
As always feel free to visit my page and read my other shorts! Comments and Likes are always welcome.
“Just tell him!” Your friend Nina exclaimed, causing you to jump and cover her mouth.
“shhhhh” You hissed and sat back down in your chair bowing in apology to the others in the library that were now staring at the two of you. “There is no way I could do that.” You whispered harshly and started to gather your books.
“Why not?” As always Nina was pestering you about confessing to your long time crush. It had been months since you had finally admitted your little crush to your bff, but you instantly regretted it. Nina was the type to get frustrated with you beating around the bush and just tell him herself, in spite your constant begging for her to keep out of it.
Nina was loud, personable, charismatic, very open, and extremely blunt. You swore she didn’t have a filter between her brain and her mouth. If you hadn’t threatened her, you were sure she would have already told him that you liked him. Most importantly though, she was the complete opposite of you.
You were the meek, quiet, less vocal friend that people always noticed around Nina. You weren’t even sure if they even knew your name. Next to Nina you were just a simple existence, and sometimes…. You wished you could be more like her. Maybe if you were he would have noticed you more.
“Because it would be awkward after he rejects me.” You stated simply. You liked the guy, you wished that he liked you too, but you weren’t delusional. He was hot and all the girls loved his adorkable self, but compared to other girls you were nothing special. Definitely not special enough to capture his attention. Plus, you had the sneaking feeling that he liked Nina.
That is how you met him, he started hanging around way before you had told her about your crush. He was nicer than the other guys that would hang around you and Nina, he at least knew you were there. He knew your name, and he would even strike up conversations with you sometimes. Maybe that was why you had finally told Nina about your feelings. You had come to the conclusion that he was just too nice for you to officially get out of your head. How someone could be that hot and yet still have a sweet personality you figured had to be somehow unfair to the rest of the world.
“How do you know he would reject you?” Nina asked with a frown. “I swear you don’t see yourself properly chicka. You are a beauty!” She followed you as you stood up and moved to leave the library.
“Compared to you ‘chicka’ I am a sasquatch.” You laughed shaking your head. “Plus I told you that I am sure he likes you. Things would get strange if I told him that I liked him. He would stop hanging out with us.”
“You are far to hairless and your feet are too small to be sasquatch missy.” Nina laughed. “and so what? So you confess, he says he isn’t interested and he stops hanging around so you don’t have to drool over the guy that rejected you.” Nina shrugged.
She must not know what it is like for someone to reject you. You shook your head. In the 15 years since you two met in preschool you had never seen or heard of a boy rejecting Nina. Technically you had never been rejected either, but you had also never confessed before.
“Y/N! Nina! Over here!” You had been so lost in your own thoughts the sound of your own name from his lips almost gave you a heart attack. Nina smiled at you mischievously and pulled you with her to the lunch room table where Zelo and his friend you had come to know as Bang sat.
“Hey guys!” Nina responded bubbly before sitting at the table and pulling you down with her.
“Hello.” You murmured your head facing down so your hair would hide the pink tinge to your cheeks. You couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. After talking about him with Nina for the last hour and telling yourself to get over your crush, you had almost crumbled just at hearing him call your name. You were in trouble. There was no way you would be able to survive much longer.
“You okay Y/N?” You looked up and smiled at Zelo. There he goes again being all sweet and caring, it was no wonder you were unable to squash your crush.
“I’m okay, just have a lot on my mind.” You responded simply and tried your best to show him a genuine smile without your heart leaping out of your chest at the one he flashed at you.
“Anything you want to talk about?” He asked innocently and you almost panicked over the evil smirk growing on Nina’s face.
“N…N.. No. Really I’m all right.” You nodded still keeping an eye on the grinning Cheshire cat next to you.
“Actually maybe you can help her.” Your heart dropped and you were tempted to jump up and tackle her, but if you did then they would be even more suspicious. “She was asking me but I think hearing the opinion of a guy would help.”
Zelo perked up and nodded curiously. “What is it? I will help if I can.”
“Well you see she likes this guy.” Your face fell and you wished the tiled floor would open up and swallow you whole.
“Confess to him.” Bang piped up from next to Zelo.
“Wait, wait, wait, it is more complicated than that.” You noticed Nina look at you from the side of her eye and her smile grow. You were going to kill her, very slowly and painfully when you got out of this. “You see; the guy is a good friend of hers.” You started to feel yourself cave in expecting them to instantly figure out who she was talking about.
“Oh.” You watched Zelo’s face fall slightly throughout the conversation. You figured he didn’t want to know about your love life. You bit your lip and looked down at the tiled floor like it was the most interesting thing you had ever seen.
“Yup, only she is afraid to say anything to him because of many reasons. One being that she would ruin the friendship if he rejected her and the other being that she believes he likes me and she doesn’t want him to feel strange over her confession.” Nina turned towards you and smiled sweetly. “See it wasn’t that hard to say was it?”
You glared at her and was snapped back to the boys when Bang spoke up again. “Just confess already. Why hold back? If he rejects, you then just move on.” He shrugged and you again were reminded why beautiful people had it so easy. They didn’t need to worry about things like you did.
“He would be stupid to reject you.” You looked up at the half smiling Zelo. ‘If only he knew it was him, he wouldn’t think the same thing’ you thought to yourself.
“Thanks guys, but I think I will just continue to admire from afar. I’m not as brave as you all are.” You stood up and bowed to them slightly before making your way off.
After school you headed to meet up with Nina, Zelo, and Bang to walk home. When you walked up you saw Zelo and Nina standing around whispering to each other and your heart fell. You knew he liked her but it still hurt to see them together. You knew that Nina would never accept his feelings because of yours but that was of no use if he wouldn’t see you as more than Nina’s sidekick.
When Nina turned and saw you walking up she jumped away from Zelo and ran towards you as bright and bubbly as ever. “Y/N!” She tackled you into a hug and started to pull you towards the gate. “Come on! We can’t get home late; our parents will kill us!”
You smiled at her halfheartedly and bowed slightly at the waiting Zelo. “Hello.” You said softly. You were met with that smile that always made your heart pound and a happy hello.
When Bang walked up you watched Nina run up and loop her hand in his as she pulled him away. “You ready?” Zelo asked. You nodded and walked next to him. It was awkward to say the least. You both didn’t want to be the first to talk, but honestly you didn’t know what to say in the first place.
“So there is this girl I like.” You almost came to a complete stop at his sudden statement. With those first words you knew this conversation was going to leave you broken before you got home.
“Oh? Have you told her?” You didn’t want to seem rude and completely ignore him so you decided to pull yourself together and let him talk it out with you.
“Not really but sadly she told me that she like someone else.”
You took a deep breath. He must have tried to confess to Nina and she told him about the upper classman that she was currently interested in. You felt bad for him but at the same time you were sad that he would be upset over being rejected. “That’s not good.” You didn’t know what to say but he was going to continue to be quiet until you had responded.
“I don’t think she is very perceptive of things around her.” You scoffed, of course Nina wasn’t. She thought the world revolved around her most of the time. She was blunt so she expected others to be as blunt as she was. “I also think she doesn’t think much of herself.”
That comment caught you off guard. Nina thought the world of herself. Maybe he didn’t have her personality down right? “I’m sure she does she just doesn’t come off that way sometimes?” It was hard trying to describe Nina to the guy you like.
“No, I’m sure she doesn’t.” Maybe he was crushing on someone else? Maybe she was from another class? “She doesn’t realize when someone standing right in front of her likes her. She doesn’t notice when he constantly stares are her from across the room while she scrunches up her nose and takes notes. I’m sure she has never noticed how many things she does that he finds extremely cute.”
None of that sounds like Nina, you thought to yourself. Who in the world does he like then?
“Like when she bites her lip while she is deep in thought, or how she always forgets to zip up her backpack all the way after class. How she subconsciously sings along to music without realizing it when she has headphones on, or how she always fidgets with the hem of her skirt and looks down at the ground in an attempt to hide her face when she is nervous or embarrassed, but you know what my favorite thing is?” He stopped and looked at you. You felt like your heart was going to break into a million pieces and you wished he would stop gushing about this other girl.
“What?” You asked in barely an audible whisper.
“The fact that she doesn’t realize I notice her staring at me. Or the way her smile gets brighter when I smile at her, yet she still doesn’t realize that I like her.” You looked down at the ground in an attempt to calm your shattering heart. You were surprised when you felt a hand reach up and push your hair behind your ear. Looking back up at Zelo you caught the smile on his face. “She is too innocent for her own good and she doesn’t even know it.” With that Zelo moved in and his lips pressed against yours.
Your world stopped. Nothing moved, you forgot how to breath and all you could think about was his lips pressed against yours. If he hadn’t noticed, it already your heart was beating roughly trying to break out of your chest the throb throb throb even audible in your own ears. He cupped your face and deepened the kiss slightly before pulling back and giving you a childlike smile. “I like you Y/N.” With that he turned and ran off down the street a chuckling Bang following behind him.
“Well?” Nina walked up to you a bright smile on her face. “I told you that you should confess.”
“Well how was I to know……” You stopped and looked at her surprised. “Did you know?!”
She laughed evilly and nodded. “He told me before he started hanging out with us that he liked you.”
Your face fell and you held the urge to kill her. “Why didn’t you tell me!?” You felt your face start to flush more.
“Because it is more fun to watch you two panic over how to confess to each other.” With that Nina giggled and started to run towards your house, you close on her heels.
Okay, so how did you like it? Fluffy enough? I have to admit it was strange for me because I still remember when Zelo came out at a mere 14 years old. He was just a baby... I even had to look it up to see if he was even legal yet lol. If you have any idol, or actor requests let me know. As well as if you want a fluffy or angst. I am always open to either.
Hope you all enjoyed this innocent and fluffy story about the adorable little Zelo.
Thanks for reading!
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