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CH. 6
When the other BTS members get to the dorm, Jimin and Suga were playing a game on the Xbox.
“Hey how you feeling Suga?” Tae asks.
“I’m good thanks Tae.” Suga is too focused on the game to turn his head and greet the members properly.
“We brought pizza home, I hope that’s cool with you guys.” Jin said. At the sound of the word “PIZZA” both Jimin and Suga paused their game and headed to the kitchen. They were starving, they’re work out earlier made them hungry. Jimin and Suga sat next to each other and would touch each other’s hand once in a while. They thought no one noticed their actions but two people did. J-hope and Jungkook. J-hope was becoming jealous and Jungkook couldn’t believe that Jimin had moved on from him that fast with how long he’s had a crush on him.
After dinner J-hope put his dishes in the sink and decided to go to his room. He doesn’t look at anyone and just walks out. Tae watched him and quickly finished and put his dishes in the sink. Jungkook watched Tae as he followed J-hope, and Jungkook was about to leave when Jin stopped him.
“Hey man, it’s your turn to do dishes remember, we decided earlier.” Jin says to Jungkook as he turns him towards the kitchen. Jungkook groans and quickly does the dishes. Namjoon, Suga, and Jimin are taking turns with the Xbox, Jin sits down by Namjoon to watch their game.
“Tae hyung!” Jungkook shouted, Tae turns around looking at Jungkook’s smiling face.
“What’s up bro?” Tae asks, Jungkook was surprised by Tae calling him bro, he didn’t think he would use that term after their kiss they shared the other day.
“What are you doing?” Jungkook asks after taking a bite of his apple he had in his hand.
“I’m going to talk with Hobi hyung. There’s something I want to discuss with him.” Tae replies. Tae walks off again and Jungkook isn’t paying attention and didn’t notice Tae coming to a stop in front of his room door.
“I’m sorry Jungkook, but I’m needing to speak with Hobi hyung alone I’ll catch ya later okay.” Tae smiles and Jungkook who just smiles back and nods. Tae knocks on the door as Jungkook moves along to his room. J-hope opens the door.
“Hey hyung can I talk to you about something for a minute?” Tae asks, J-hope just nods his head and allows for Tae to enter. Tae shuts the door immediately after coming into the room. Jungkook slowly moves back to the door and places his ear up to it, maybe he can hear the conversation.
“My question is this hyung.” Tae says as he walks over to J-hope who’s busy folding his clothes. Without hesitation Tae turns J-hope around and places his hands on his face and kisses J-hope’s lips. J-hope’s eyes grow wide with shock; he wasn’t expecting Tae to kiss him. But more importantly he was shocked that he wasn’t pushing Tae away, that he was letting himself melt into the kiss. J-hope liked Tae’s lips on his, with this thought J-hope breaks the kiss and pushes Tae away.
“What the hell man, why did you do that Tae?” J-hope asks, trying to hide his flustered face and hoped Tae couldn’t hear his racing heart. Tae looks down and sighs.
“I love you, I’ve been in love with you for a while, I just finally realized how much recently.” Tae explains. J-hope is looking at him with a confused face.
“But I love Jimin.” J-hope says. Tae nods and understands J-hope’s feelings for Jimin.
“But Hobi hyung, Jimin is in love with Jungkook. He won’t look at you the way he looks at Jungkook. Why not let me love you and look at me?” Tae’s eyes begin to water, J-hope didn’t know what to say, he was confused. He needed some air. J-hope walks past Tae and out of the room. Jungkook hears J-hope coming and quickly runs to his room hiding behind the door.
J-hope doesn’t look in his direction and just walks towards the living room. J-hope see’s Jimin playing the Xbox, he didn’t see Suga though and took this opportunity to ask Jimin to leave with him.
“Jimin, hey can you take a walk with me, please?” J-hope asks. Jimin pausing his game looks at his hyung and by the look on J-hope’s face he knew something was bothering his friend so he didn’t hesitate to agree.
“Sure, no problem.” Jimin says as he hands Namjoon the controller.
Tae climbs on his bed and hugs his pillow while crying into it to muffle any sounds. Jungkook was surprised at Tae’s confession, and really upset with the fact that the man he loves isn’t in love with him. Why couldn’t he have Tae? Why? Then Jungkook thought about Jimin. “This is what it must feel like to be in love with someone who doesn’t love you back.” Jungkook laughs, “Jimin is stronger than me.”
J-hope and Jimin reach a park not too far from their dorm and sit on the first bench they come to. It was late so no one was around they could talk comfortably. Jimin was waiting for J-hope to say something but since he hadn’t said anything since they left the dorm Jimin thought he would start.
“Hey hyung, what’s wrong, what’s bothering you?” Jimin asks looking at J-hope. J-hope lets out a sigh.
“Tae kissed me and asked me to love him.” J-hope said quickly and looks at Jimin. Who’s eyes where wide and a smile on his face. Then Jimin just starts laughing.
“I’m sorry hyung, I’ve known he’s had feelings for you for a while, I was wondering when he was going to have the balls enough to realize it and act on his feelings.” J-hope looked at Jimin shocked.
“You knew he had feelings for me and you never said anything to me!” Jimin just shrugs his shoulders.
“It wasn’t my place to tell, I knew he would do it if he got the opportunity and realized his true feelings.” Jimin says.
“How do you feel about him hyung? Do you like him at all?” Jimin asks J-hope. The moment of truth for J-hope, he thought he was in love with Jimin, but it seems his heart had other plans.
“Well, how can I love him when I love you.” J-hope says, Jimin’s eyes get big and his mouth falls open.
“Wait, what you love me?” Jimin starts to laugh nervously.
“I don’t feel that way hyung. I’m in love with.” J-hope cuts Jimin off.
“I know Jungkook, or at least I thought that’s who you’re in love with, but that’s changed hasn’t it. Just like my love for you has changed” J-hope said.
Jimin rubs his neck and smiles. “I love Yoongi. And what do you mean changed for me, does this mean you’ve fallen for Tae?” Jimin said. J-hope just nods his head.
“Does he make you happy?” J-hope asks.
“It really just happened, but so far yes he makes me very happy, it’s nice to feel loved by someone who actually loves you for you.” Jimin says.
J-hope gets up and pulls Jimin up wrapping his arms around him. “As long as your happy, even if it’s not with me.” J-hope says in Jimin’s ear. Jimin smiles grateful that J-hope understands and even if he had feelings for Jimin, it’s nice to know J-hope can move on without regrets and they can still be friends.
“Hey guy’s what’s going on?” Jimin heard a voice from behind, it was Suga
ok all of these read in 2 hours. I gotta know whats next. can you tag me for future? its so good. I love how you did the live circle between the boys hahaha 😂😂